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Is it possible to extend the range of Razer Nari Headset ?

  • 14 April 2019
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Well, I was enjoying some good music and went to the kitchen to get fuel for my Apex/Code session, anyway the transceiver is great for the short distances but once the number of interferences increases i.e. brick & mortar or other signals [Wi Fi] it understandably causes connectivity failure.

This song is quite good.

Is it possible to configure the receiver on the headset to that it could possibly connect over your own wi-fi network which in general has greater coverage. I am unsure of the hardware specifications or what wireless technology was used for communication between the transceiver and headset.

I am hoping it's some low powered wi-fi antenna, which gives me hope that by utilising some clever coding a VOIP connection or something to the same effect to stream audio to the headset over your home network.

Can someone give me a bit more insight into what technologies were utilized developing this AMAZING headset?

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Npe this wont work. The only thing you can do is get external usb hub and place it near wall of door where the strengh of signal will be better.