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Is Software Needed

  • 5 February 2021
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I am looking to purchase the Naga Trinty or Naga X to use for work.

My company does not allow third-party software that has not been vetted to be installed on their computers.

What I want to do is the following:
1. Download the Synapse 3 software to my personal computer
2. Customize all of the buttons to what I need them to do
3. Save the profile to one of the mice's five onboard profiles
4. Plug the mouse into my work computer without the Synapse 3 software

If doing all of this will the customize buttons do what they were programmed to do and work as if the Synapse 3 software was running on my work computer?



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2 Replies

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Not every Synapse 3.0 peripherals have an onboard memory profile, I recently helped an Insider to confirm that.
It is a good attempt, but without the onboard memory profile any changes on Synapse 3.0 will not be implemented onto the mouse.

Try make changes on your personal Synapse 3.0 and see if the change does get implemented onto the Naga

If the company accepts third-party hardware, I'm sure they can agree to software.

You can try ask your boss or the company IT department to approve the Synapse 3.0

Otherwise your option could be RAZER Synapse 2.0 peripherals, where most mice's does come with an onboard memory profiles.
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Naga Trinity can store up to 5 profiles onboard, Naga X only 1 profile.
Be aware, that some functions still require Synapse to work.