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Keypress then pause then another keypress, simple... right ?

  • 18 October 2020
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I must be getting dense in my old age, but for the life of me I can't see how to do the following in a Macro:

I will assign this macro to one of the buttons on my Razer Mamba Wireless - Synapse 3.5.930.92510


I can get the 1st "Keystroke", but then I can't find how to do a Pause and then another Keystroke.

This should be less than trivial, but the software sure isn't forthcoming with how to move forward once the first action is done.......

Any help would certainly be appreciated.

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5 Replies

Seriously ? Nobody can help me with this ?
Wow, not a peep outta anybody on this forum in almost a month after my request for assistance.
Don't say much for either the forum or community.........
I'm really bored and just happen to have the exact same mouse. I made a little tutorial for you if you are still stuck on this issue.

Thx for the bored response, but your movie didn't address my question - @lickx
Please see the pic I took of the part of your movie that's relevant, below:

I'll be honest I expected almost this exact reply, I just didn't think it would have to be spelt as much as it evidently did.
In the video this appears:

At this point, if you don't want to record your own pause, which I thought you might have as you did not specify in the original reply, then you want to press the button below "Record Delay" that says "0 Sec Delay" and instead change that delay to 1 second.

Then I believe it should be self-explanatory to enter the keystrokes you would like to be activated.