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Need to login after each turn on pc

  • 12 June 2019
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Hi guys. Am I the only one, who faced with this issue?
After my pc woke up from sleep or turned on, razer synapse promote me to log in.
I checked box that " yes, it is my pc, don't worry", but every single time, I need to write my password.
I started nervous already.

Maybe there is some fix or trick to prevent entering password each time?

My OS: Windows 10 PRO
Razer Central v.
Razer Synapse v3.4.604.60316

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4 Replies

Same here, same OS, same Synapse and Central version.

I have two PCs, one at home and one at work, one of them is always in sleep mode, and I'm forced to keep logging in twice a day, it's been like this for a month now.

It's as if Razer is unable to keep track of more than 1 login session at a time, or change in IPs causes Synapse to log off.
This is happening to me with Synapse 3. Sometimes on my desktop which sleeps but doesn't hibernate, more often on my laptop which does hibernate. There should be an option to permanently stay logged-on with a device you own. Put up a dire security warning if necessary, or a 2FA test, but make it so that it just stays connected on a device I own. Either that, or an enhanced "Offline Mode" that keeps the most recently saved settings cached on the computer, with an option to log back on and sync if you need or want to.

Online sync is a feature, and a nice one. Being forced to go online to even use settings you created from that device is bad design.
This is terrible implementation Razer. Why do I need to have an internet connection in order for my mouse and keyboard not to cycle colors on my blade 15? Absolutely ridiculous.
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Used to have the same issue when I switched to the new Synapse, but a reinstall of the software did the trick for me. Synapse runs fine when on offline mode on my laptop last I checked, but I haven't used my keyboard with it for a while and my Aetheris doesn't have RGB. Button macros work fine tho