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Razer Mouse Dock Pro Synapse Lighting Bug

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Currently working with Razer support to try and diagnose the issue. Will update once I’ve got somewhere with them.

Das habe ich auch schon versucht, leider will man da nichts machen oder man kann es nicht machen, ich habe auch keine Ahnung warum so was nicht in einer Woche behoben wurde, sogar in Synapse 4  Beta ist es genau so… 

The issue I have is my dock, and mouse have a solid 50/50 on if my lighting profiles even load on startup. I have to manually go in and open chroma studio and as soon as it loads my mouse and dock, the lights fix themselves. OH WAIT, were not done yet.. After a short time the lights revert back to default cycle, for zero reason. This is on synapse 4 beta however. 


The fact that they cannot solve an issue like this with the lighting is kind of hilarious at this point. 

Well, I’m still working with Razer support. After speaking with 3 different people, it’s now been escalated to Level 2 support. I’ve asked numerous times - “give me the previous release, and I can verify if it’s a bug in the new release”, but nope, just have to keep going through the motion for now.

Habe ich auch schon alles gemacht, war auch beim höchsten Razer Support Level, den noch wurde der Fehler bisher immer noch nicht behoben, das heißt wohl einfach sie können es nicht ändern… leider….

Habe ich auch schon alles gemacht, war auch beim höchsten Razer Support Level, den noch wurde der Fehler bisher immer noch nicht behoben, das heißt wohl einfach sie können es nicht ändern… leider….


But the strange thing is, it worked fine in the previous release… I don’t understand why they can’t just provide me with the old version. I would happily disable auto-update!

Well after much back-and-forth with Razer support, this was their latest response:

“We would like to inform you that we have escalated your case to our developer team for investigation and issue replication. While we don't have an estimated time for a solution, we will provide it through a software update. To ensure that you receive the update, please make sure to regularly update your System and Synapse software.”


So, that’s it for now. I don’t have high hopes, but we’ll see.

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Now i deactivated fastboot on windows and that doesn't worked. I found in bios quickboot function and deactivated that too. Now it works again. Pls try that and share does it worked for you too or not.

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Nevermind. It's full random. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Random indeed. I uninstalled synapse, then launched driver cleanup tool I have found here on forum, then made clean install - all problem I had with mouse, keyboard and dock vanished. But after few reboots all returned. Now clean install does not help how it helped for the first time. I don't understand how it works and I don't understand why Razer developers do not work on their own mice and keyboards. This software is unbearably ugly. What is their QA department doing? 

This is ridiculous that its still not fixed.

Let me say I always had only Logitech products. End of 2023 I got a new PC and decided to switch the everything to Razer (except for headphones).

I have spent in excess of 700 euros on peripherals.

The results:

BlackWidow V4 Pro, a 270 Euro keyboard defective out of the box, 2-3 keys were either not typing anything when pressed or occasionally double or triple typing it. Since they were not so much used keys I lived with it until a month later it started to also do this for ‘W’ and ‘Space’ so it had to be changed.

But the most frustrating is the Dock Pro. I also have a Strider Chroma and a Basilisk V3 Pro.

All the device RGBs can turn off when putting the computer to sleep EXCEPT for the dock. Or rather I stand corrected, the dock does turn off too for about a minute, when it decides it will turn back on red which is horrible in a totally dark room. I have absolutely no idea why it can’t be fixed, the option is there ‘Turn off lighting when monitor is off’ and it works for the keyboard, the mouse, the mousepad but not the dock.

Of course I tried to open a ticket we got to the point where I was asked for many logs from the system which I failed to answer in 24 hours and the case got closed, but it is clear from this thread that my system isn’t probably the issue here.

I have the same problem with the lights, the doc pro and the mouse are still on when I turn off the pc, I have set sinapse to turn off after minutes and when I turn off the screen but it doesn't work, it's all new and newly installed. I don't understand how after 1 year this is not fixed, the truth is that I will NOT buy more Razer, if they do not give me a solution to this I will return it.



Das Problem wurde immer noch nicht behoben !!! RAZER !!!  Bitte behebt das Problem !