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Razer Naga Trinity dont load profile

  • 29 October 2019
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Hello ,

I have 3 product razer connect in my computer in same time :

- Naga Trinity
- DeathAdder Elite
- BlackWidow Elite

all worked up to 2 days but since 2 days when Synaspe is open my BlackWidow Elite and my DeathAdder Elite charge the right profile but my Naga no. I can not change the keys or other. If I close Synapse the naga has the right profile but suddenly my BlackWidow Elite and my DeathAdder Elite no.

I do not understand why my Naga bug only when Synaspe is open when before everything worked well.

So when I do not use the Naga I leave Synaspe open and when I use the Naga I have to close it.

I really do not understand.

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1 Reply

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First try to repair the synapse via windows add/remove panel celect there synapse and modify-?repair. If this dont help you can try also new profiles you can open synapse on top hit options and reset the device this make factory profile delete others and make new ones and see if the issue still appear. If nothing help you canremove the synapse to do that go to windows add/remove panel select synapse and remove it make sure you delete every razer softwere you have installed on your pc then go to programfiles and appdata folders and delete the razer folder then reboot pc and download new fresh istaller from razer website and install it and see. You can cheack if you have windows up to date and close in try other apps if you use desktop pc like motherboard manufacture sometime give you.