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Razer Raptor RGB Light is not synchronized

  • 29 December 2020
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Hello Guys,

I just connected and installed my Razer Raptor now correctly for use on my PC. Screen is working, im using the Display Port-Function to connect it to my PC. The RGB Light is also switched on and i connected the USB-Cable to my PC. The Problem is, that the Razer Raptor Monitor isnt showing up or gets installed to Razer Synapse now, so i have a completly different Colour shown up then everything else. I connected 7 other Devices with Synapse, so I'm surprised, it isnt working here. DO i need to connect it in another Port or is it maybe broken? Or a Synapse Bug? (Pls ANswer in English or German, so I can understand it)

Thx for your Help,


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3 Replies

Please Help Someone 😞
i'm having the same problem, i think it's just glitched with synapse. it's ridiculous that for $600, it doesn't even connect to Synapse. if they dont resolve this i'm never buying another razer product again.
The same issue here, after hours of reinstalling over and over again I finally got synapse to work, only for it not to find the Raptor monitor. I turned it off thinking ill have another look the next day when I have more time and now Synapse won't work again. It's absolutely pathetic after paying so much for a monitor.