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Switching profiles

  • 16 September 2023
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I have 5 Razer devices connected to Synapse 3

When I load up minecraft, I have to turn on the minecraft profile for every single device and studio.

Razer Tartarus pro → Minecraft

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma → Minecraft

Razer Blackwidow Elite → Minecraft

Razer Base Station Chroma → Minecraft

Razer Basilisk v3 → Minecraft

Then I also need my correct lighting scheme 

Razer Studio → Minecraft

Yes I know, there is a auto switch function but that almost never works. There is allways one device that doesnt want to switch. Usually it's razer studio.

And when I close the game, I have to put every single device plus the lighting scheme back to a default profile.


I also have this profile switcher on my taskbar, it let's me switch profiles for every device. Makes me click on the logo , then click on the device, then click on the profile and then I have to repeat for my other 4 devices and studio for the lighting. Thats a whole lot of clicking for switching one profile.

Why cant I just click on “minecraft-profile” and every device goes to that profile. That's one or two clicks, easy. Or “default-profile” and every device goes to the default profile. 


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