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Synapse 2 "Network Not Available" Error

  • 7 February 2019
  • 2 replies

Is anyone else getting this error message/issue when trying to login to Synapse 2? i've unintalled and reinstalled; checked firewall settings and my network and everything is fine (synapse 3 has had no issues either for my other devices).

my Tartarus is now only useful as a paperweight as i can't login to Synapse 2 to update drivers.

Please send Halp!

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2 Replies

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You try to disable anti-virus and firewall app on pc and also defender on windows if you use external app.
i found the same problems. although I tried to remove and reinstallation many times but nothing happened. I emailed to support team but they cant help.
Razer softwares are so annoyed 😞