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Synapse 3 Mac Support

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I just purchased the huntsman elite keyboard for my mac, I was going to use it mainly for my job as a developer, and I had no clue when I made the decision to buy huntsman elite that mac is not supported.

My question, After the latest thread about the mac support (a year ago), will synapse 3 be available for mac users in the near future? if not, I have no choice but to return the keyboard.

Note: I know that mac is not a gaming machine, but there is a wide variety of people that tends to buy gaming accessories now for their home office setups (chairs, keyboards, mouses ...) so it would be nice to support mac users for the next-gen devices that you are producing ...

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I wonder if Razer is aware of game theory in business with respect to a finite versus an infinite game. Will they still exist as a business in the future? We shall have to wait and see.

I sold my BlackWidow and NAGA and put the money towards the Corsair K70 and NightSword. Corsair is one of Razer's competitors and the K70 and NightSword are equal/similar devices that have a similar price point. They have developed iCUE software to work with Macs. After doing some research and learning more about the differences in devices and support between Razer and Corsair, I wish I had purchased Corsair devices in the first place.
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Please add Mac support for Synapse, I use the Tartarus Pro gaming pad for productivity work. Its amazing to use, it speeds up my workflow a lot in 3D software's like Maya and Blender. I use a PC at work, but I have a Mac laptop and I would love to use a Tartarus with that also. Its 2021, you should support mac and linux by now.
Hi folks!

One alternative to Synapse is Steermouse if your device is compatible.

Like everyone here, I wasn’t able to use my brand new Naga trinity wired mice with MacOS. Everything went fine on W10 using bootcamp.

As of Big Sur 11.2.3, for getting to use your Razer device with a Synapse 2.0 compatibility, please apply the following steps :

  • Boot on recovery mode (Cmd R), click Utilities menu, then execute :

/usr/sbin/spctl kext-consent add R2H967U7J8

where R2H967U7J8 is the Razer TEAMID.

You can check it has been successfully added by executing the following command :

/usr/sbin/spctl kext-consent list

Execute reboot or close the terminal app and restart in normal mode.

Then, open your terminal and execute :

sudo kmutil load -z -p /Library/Extensions/RazerHid.kext

Allow any requirements needed.

Restart your system, open Razer Synapse. You may need to disconnect/reconnect your USB device everytime you boot for getting synapse to actually detect your device.

All solutions found on this thread :

PS : please Razer, update your software. Selling a product that can't be fully used is not legal in a large number of country.

Thanks! I was thinking about using it, but decided to go with a other more Mac focused company.
This is so dumb why would you close off a whole other possible consumer base especially now with the new m1 Macs being so good and gaining popularity, got a viper ultimate and can't use the rgb on the dock or side buttons on the mouse, guess ill be going for the logi gpx super light.
Okay ... you've installed MacOS BigSur 11.5.2 c. 15 September, 2021, you probably know you should have waited but those automatic updates just roll right over, you really need that RGB keyboard in your low light room and you've discovered the official "No Plan To Support" one liner dreamed up from Razer Synapse ... and now you realise you have to start a new education on kext files, reducing security on your computer

and ... and ... and you're feeling a little you just got jilted by your Razer sharp boyfriend:

Then along comes the Ambulance to with FruityUI for FruityRazer, and you find on restart your Razer RGB accessories come back to life at github with this latest version on 7 Aug 2021.

Then a Second Ambulance macOS Razer comes to the rescue to make sure resuscitation‍ has taken place with this latest version on 17 August 2021.

And you find all your gear comes back to life, but you still feel like it is just doesn't feel like your original Razer sharp boyfriend... when it times out every so often.

But yes, these github solutions work, and if you weren't crying about it ... you'd laugh a bit too, cause MacOS is a little hard for anyone to ignore these days ... isn't it???

Well, not according to our Razer sharp boyfriend, it isn't. Or will he have a change of heart ?

All theatrics aside, and is hopefully appreciated, RGB peripherals sold in markets as formerly Mac Compatible to be retracted is actually protected by consumer laws for more than the original warranty periods in practically all markets. That means 7 years in my territory.

Sorry-not-sorry ... that's what Mac Compatible means: don't break other people's stuff.

And with COVID drama ... you'd think now MORE THAN EVER: Don't break other people's stuff.

These are perfectly good peripherals which have absolutely NO BUSINESS breaking due to faux security insertions of macOS BigSur.

And whilst, yes, Apple is hugely responsible for breaking other's equipment ... leaving it up to codies pooring sweat into it is poor form; unlike the quality of its equipment.

Razer using/ wink-winking at the backdoor of github is not very good form and again, way beneath the class of Razer's peripherals.
I have the ornata chroma V1 connected to my new MacBook Pro and have Synapse 2.0 and after I updated the software it won't detect the keyboard at all it's saying please connect a synapse enabled device; When will synapse 3 be available for macOS 11.6 BigSur?
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I have the ornata chroma V1 connected to my new MacBook Pro and have Synapse 2.0 and after I updated the software it won't detect the keyboard at all it's saying please connect a synapse enabled device; When will synapse 3 be available for macOS 11.6 BigSur?

I have bad news for you, they've abandoned it.
That's disappointing so much...
why razer also don't write it that there is no macos compatibly for razer drivers and stuff?
just angry
really disappointed for not supporting macOS after 10.15
I'm disappointed in RAZER not supporting the macOS platform I had my keyboard since 2016.
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The best thing to do is to switch your hand with RAZER products, there is no support for the Apple platform anymore !
I just got off a chat with a Razer support guy who told me they are working on Synapse 3 for Mac OS. Not sure he was correct, but that's what he typed. Is it true that Codeweavers Crossover won't work?
I am sorry for the late response, however as far as I am aware, there are currently no plans to support Synapse 3 on Mac.

add it cause people want it and its annoying to be on mac and buy a nice mouse just for the software to be exclusive
imagine my surprise on booting up my new macbook pro, connecting my razer mouse and keyboard and seeing that synapse 3 is not supported on Mac. This is so disappointing. In 2021, a large hardware manufacturer not supporting a very popular operating system. No more razer crap for me, Steelseries and Corsair have me covered.