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Synapse 3 not working at all, have to keep logging in?

  • 21 February 2021
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Hey all, problem here if anyone knows how to fix.
So i'll start straight out, Synapse 3 isn't working and i'm frustrated with trying to get it working.
What happens is i'll start Synapse (Run with administrator) and nothing happens. I'll get the usual log in screen, type my password, and then a screen showing user stuff, such as log in info, security, contact, etc. Nothing else shows, Synapse doesn't pop up. It will then sputter out with lag and ill be sent back to the log in screen, pretty much auto logged out. It will do this forever, but my system still shows Central and Synapse still running. I've tried completely uninstalling and re-installing everything Razer, from the software to uninstalling the devices/drivers. On the very rare off-chance that Synapse DOES open up, all my devices switch to the color scheme i set up, and I get the actual Synapse screen. This lasts for maybe a minute or 2 and then craps itself and im back to square one. I used to be able to run Synapse/Cortex with no problems in the past, but for the last couple months now, it seems everything is bogged down and now nothing works. When i had Cortex installed, i would be able to log into it, and then after a couple seconds it would do the same thing and automatically log me out. I would physically see the "Logging out/Closing Cortex" message pop up. I have no idea what to do, i can't find any help online to this problem, does anybody know a fix to this?

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Check Windows event viewer if the Synapse app is not crashing - if yes - you should see which module is crashing.
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If you have Windows 10, check as per what @FiszPL have advised, it can help.

Otherwise the followings~~~

  • Update your Windows 10
  • Create a new administrator account and reinstall RAZER Synapse and Cortex under the new admin account
  • Windows source files maybe damaged, might need to reinstall the Windows OS