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Synapse 3 task manager to shut down

  • 12 February 2020
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Hi, i have a really annoying problem, on startup Razer Synapse does not work automatically.

I have to open task manager up and endtask on Razer Synapse 3 & Razer Synapse Service (32bit).
Then restart Razer Synapse 3 from start>programs>Razer

This then syncs all my devices and works all ok until i turn of PC and same issue. I have tried numerous uninstalls of Synapse 3 which seems to fix for a short time, then the issue comes back.

Has anyone else had these problems and found a fix?

Win10 latest edition and patched
Huntsman Elite
Razer Viper Ultimate inc dock
Razer Firefly
Razer Base Station Chroma
Razer Nari Ultimate
Philips Hue

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4 Replies

When you say you uninstalled it. There are Some things that can get left behind.

Did you just uninstall it, or did you also delete any left over files. Which could be cause slight conflicts.
Thanks for reply. I have uninstalled via programs. Removed razer folder left over in program files and cleared out anything with Razer listed in registry. Rebooted and run through the install. Tried this several times and sometimes can work for a week or two until the issue reoccur.
Is there another location the files need to be removed?
Woah, I'd say you got everything. Hm, anything of note happen before it starts acting up? Like Windows update, new drivers, new hardware, etc?
I'm constantly upgrading or replacing parts as I'm a system builder. However I cannot pinpoint the issue. It was certainly noticed on a previous motherboard Z370 chipset. Now on a Z390 with a new GPU and memory. The OS has been formatted and installed when new parts installed but the issue remains comes back after a few weeks.
I can only put this down to either a software Synapse 3 bug. Or 1 of my Razer peripherals as these are the only devices not changed for over 9 months.