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Synapse and SLI issues

Hello everyone ,this is my first time posting and it is due to a weird issue I experienced during the last synapse update as everything was working perfect before hand. Whenever I have synapse running and in game, my 2nd 1080 will drop to around 50% usage while the first 1080 stays at full load, not only does this cause a noticeable frame rate drop, but it seems that it is still trying to run in SLI so frame times skyrocket, artifacts appear and every game that actually supports SLI becomes completely unplayable(SLI issues? whaaaaaat?). As soon as I disable synapse, in game or not, my usage and frame rates both go back up. Its not that massive of an issue because everything still works, I am just unable to control the chroma portion of my setup. I may be wrong in this assumption, but it seems to me that the issue arose as soon as the screen awareness option was implemented. Rolling back nvidia drivers did not solve the issue so I resorted to rolling back the synapse and it works but I actually really enjoyed the screen awareness and just wanting to bring this issue to light if it had not already. Thanks.

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