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Synapse Chroma Profiles Not Loading After Wake from Hibernate

  • 15 July 2023
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Like in the title. If I hibernate manually and wake its ok, if I let my laptop hibernate on its own after 30 mins of sleep - it wakes showing no chroma profiles and reverts to spectrum cycling. Resetting  doesnt help, I have to make a new chroma profile after I hibernate for longer. I've tried a clean reinstall and the problem still persists.

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Thanks for posting, I don’t sleep my PC, but I am experiencing this same issue after every fresh boot. I think this started happening after a recent Synapse update. I import my Chroma profiles and link them to my games and it works fine. But next boot they have gone again.

I did a full clean re-install as detailed in Answer ID: 1708. But this made no difference.

I run Synapse in Guest mode (without logging into my Razer account). Previously this worked fine, but I’m wondering that got broken in the update.

I’ve opened a support case.

It’s simple, Synapse is a buggy pile

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I had several email exchanges with Razer Support, performing many actions and supplying all manner of different logs. In the end they said they could not reproduce my issue and were going to close my call with no resolution.

A Google of “Razer synapse deletes profiles” has many results. Razer really needs to own this problem. They agreed to keep my call open, but I suspect it has been blackholed.


I'm experiencing the same thing after the latest update. My settings reset to default color cycling after sleep or a fresh boot. My profiles are still there, they are just reset to default settings.

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I was told that work was continuing on my case and that updates would be provided via email as soon as they had more information. This was a lie. The “system” closed my case. I have now opened a new case.

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I have spent the last three months working on this with Razer Support. They have been unable to resolve the issue and frequently try to close the case.

I am sure this issue was caused by an update in July. Frustratingly, Razer do not allow you to rollback updates or install previous versions.

I have however found a solution which worked for me. I performed a clean re-install of the latest version (as I have done before) but this time, after installing and configuring, I blocked the Razer executables from accessing the Internet. Specifically the following:

razer synapse service.exe
razer synapse 3.exe
razer central.exe
razer synapse service process.exe

I also disabled the Razer Update Service.

After doing this, my profiles are now being retained. It seems that some part of the phone home code is causing the local profiles to be deleted on boot.

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So Razer Support have now closed my call. They claim to have identified the root cause, but cannot provide an estimate of when a fix will be implemented. They go on to say that updates to this issue will communicated through release notes and change logs. The funny thing is I’m yet to see Razer publish any meaning release notes or a historical change log. What jokers.

My above workaround is better than anything Razer Support have manged to produce in 4 months. That will have to do for Synapse v3, I live in hope that v4 works better.

I have the same issues and got frustrated with having the spectrum cycling load every time I restart my PC or lock /unlock my screen. I found OpenRGB and installed it looks like a work around for me until Synapse is fixed. It keeps my static color after restarts and unlocking my screen. Might be worth a try until Synapse 4 is released, I’m thinking that’s when they will “fix” the current issue we are having


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I jumped onto the beta for v4 but haven’t installed it yet. There is a very long list of issues including not opening or crashing if Synapse cannot access the Internet. This makes me think that the code is still very reliant on phoning home to configure profiles.

Unfortunately, the beta also lacks clear issue tracking or a published change log.