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Synapse keeps logging me out

Synapse keeps logging me out randomly for the past few months. At first, it was not a big deal. It happened only when I restarted my PC. But lately it keeps happening even when I am doing something...

I am browsing the internet ? Logout.

I am watching movie with friends ? Logout.

I am playing online game, and I am in a middle of shoot-out ? Logout.

You never expect when it happens. It is just tiresome at this point. Anything I try to do, do not work. Repairing did not fix the problem ( Clean installation of Synapse did not work. At this point, I wonder if uninstalling it is not the best option here. I will wait for a fix to this problem. Thank you in advance for your help and response.

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Same here!

i have been facing this issue sometimes also but recently it keeps getting more n more frequent

same thing keeps happening to me. It went from once every week or so to daily to now happening every few hours. 

same problem everytime i turn on my computer even tho i have the keep me logged in checked it logs me out

What login mechanism are the rest of you using? I logged in using Google signin, and on startup the “Welcome Back” dialog shows my username and Google profile picture. It shows a password entry control below that, and when I click on my profile, it demands that I enter a password. I don’t have a separate password, I only used my Google login to authenticate -- it shouldn’t be showing me a password entry control at all.


If I click “Not You” and re-authenticate via Google again, I can get into the app. Every other app where I use Google auth, it caches the auth tokens and doesn’t make me refresh the login on every app launch.


Same here. Will anybody help us from Razer?

Brilliant.  Yes hardware needs always online requirements!


Anyway, make sure you have all root razer applications set to run as administrator.  It solves multiple problems, let me know your mileage.


same here and sometimes i cant even star the synapse app  without turn it off in the task manager like 3 or 4 times or restart my pc i dont buy expensive products waiting for a trash software. i bought mouse, keyboard and mouse pad, its like 300 dollars for nothing. DIS BRAND WAS THE BEST… WAS.





Have you tried running as admin?

same here…...

Cannot login (only a blank window appears). No access to the Apps and Devices then!!!

Same here. Tried everything. Also reinstalled. Worked for a few hours and then logged me out again. Razer needs to fix this i guess