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Synapse keeps logging me out

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Fixed?!? It’s worse than ever!!!! I get logged out every 5 minutes.

So after all this, Razer still hasn’t given us a fix or even bothered with a reply?? I’ve had a software update I think what was it, 5 days ago? I thought it fixed it.. it has in fact fixed it for a whole 2 days before the problem started reappearing.. What the hell is going on???? 

Same, keeps logging me out every few hours, so annoying.

Any answers from support?

same issue here


reinstalling/repair works for may be week, after problem keeps repeating itself

problem started to appear in april i guess


win10, using razer ornata v3, blackshark v2, naga trinity, atm my keyboard and mouse morphed into garbage

For me i’m trying to log in Razer appengine and when i do log in it instantly logs me out


I had this issue.
Blocking connection in and out of rzappengine.exe with Windows firewall fixed it for me.

Oh look I got signed out again

Mite as well add to the thread. It’s been going on for months now. I keep my PC off till I go to play and it’s 50/50 chance if it loads my preset or not. Before it was flawless. Now it’s basically every time. It’s set to admin. I think it’s ridiculous that there’s 0 feedback from Razer. I’ve considered just getting a Logitech Keyboard and being done with them.

i hate this so much. this has been happening for months and i cant even get my custom preset from synapse anymore


I want to print out this forum post and shove in the face of the head of razer software development until they fix it. This is BS.

On top of the software randomly logging you out, it also spitefully desynchronizes your rgb lights whenever it logs you out OR when you uninstall it. Malicious compliance much??

This is really tilting me, i have to log into an app to use my frigin speakers. Safe to say im not buying a razer products in the future, this is kinda redicilous

Hi guys,


I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing the same problem. The dev team recently released an update to address this issue. Please make sure to keep your Synapse app up to date.


If that didn’t help, let me know through PM so I can help you escalate your concern to the software team for advanced resolution. Thank you!

Well guess what galaxy brains it still isnt working

Brilliant.  Yes hardware needs always online requirements!


Anyway, make sure you have all root razer applications set to run as administrator.  It solves multiple problems, let me know your mileage.


I was having the same problem. I managed to fix it by opening Task Manager and Ending all task related to razer. Then I stared them back up and they seem to be working again.

This worked for me, too - it took a moment because more kept popping up but after I closed all Razer instances it properly loaded up again, haven’t had this issue since.

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Hi guys!


Thanks for raising your concern through this thread. If you’re still experiencing the same issue with the Synapse app, please let me know through PM so I can assist you accordingly and help escalate your concern to the software team.