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Synapse ram, crash, not working

  • 27 April 2023
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For several months I had trouble switching from one profile to another on Synapse and going to the "studio" tab made me crash at times.

But recently the software is simply impracticable. Going to the studio tab is the guarantee to have a reaction time of at least 45 sec between each action, the LEDs do not light up most of the time, the keyboard crashes (the profiles do not work anymore), the entire Synapse software crashes in a loop, there is a confusion between the HUE overlay and my Sync Box, I am forced to disconnect and reconnect my keyboard and mouse at each startup of my PC otherwise they don't work ....

In short there is nothing that works.…


I have already uninstalled and reinstalled software dozens and dozens of times, all taking the time to destroy every single file, every single script. I also took the time to redo in loop profiles, repair with the installation software and try the keyboard on other PC (there it works.... more at least).

In short, Synapse is completely broken and I'm close to give up Razer...

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