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Razer Blade 17 Pro 2020 black screen

Hi everyone,

when unplugging the power cord when in "dedicated graphics card only mode" my screen goes black and can only be revived by plugging in the power cord again. Can someone please confirm this issue?

Model: Razer Blade 17 Pro, 300Hz, RTX 2080 Super

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It's extremely sad that Razer still hasn't found a fix to this one year later.
I got my Blade Pro 17 - RTX 2080S - 4K 120hz two days ago since it had a considerable discount on Amazon (in efforts for them to finish the stocks and push the 30 series of these laptops soon). Previously, with Windows and all drivers stock from the factory, the dedicated GPU option was working. Recently, though, I also started experiencing the same issue - either a black screen or excessive flickering and weird intermittent lines.
It is disappointing to buy a 4K 120hz display for the best of both sharpness and smoothness, only to be able to use it in Optimus at 60hz locked.
I see "fnievez" has posted a solution recently regarding the driver issue with downgrading to 465.89. Currently DDU'ing the 466.11 driver before clean installing the other proposed driver. Wish me luck!

This solved my problem for my Razer Blade 17 Pro 4k Touch, 120Hz, RTX 2080 Super Max Q. Hope this helps in some way. Make sure you install Nvidia driver version 465.89 and make sure to select Custom Installation and click "Clean Install".

Tried the proposed solution. Got rid of the flickering, but the black screen still occurs. Which BIOS version are you on? Which Windows version are you on (Windows+R, type winver and hit enter)?
Hello fellow Razer folks,
So the issue kept frustrating me much like it did to you. Tried many drivers with various versions but to no avail.
As much as it sucks, I ran a system recovery today, which is basically a Razer utility that resets your laptop and returns everything to the way it came out of the factory. After that happened, I tested out the "DGPU only" mode and it finally doesn't exhibit this issue anymore. Surprisingly, the driver out of the factory is quite outdated, 443.45. However, as the old saying goes; if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and so I won't update it and sacrifice my screen. I'd rather have a working screen and an outdated driver.
Quite disappointing that, for a 3.2k machine, this issue exists. Razer shall look into it and work on a solution very soon.
I also see "Hryniek" has mentioned something along the lines of reinstaling Windows. May you please elaborate? If reinstalling Windows can make you run the latest drivers with no issues, I'm all for it.
No, it cannot, reinstalling Windows will do nothing. Tried it, doesn't work. Only thing that work is rolling back to an outdated version of Nvidia drivers.
No, it cannot, reinstalling Windows will do nothing. Tried it, doesn't work. Only thing that work is rolling back to an outdated version of Nvidia drivers.

Reinstalling Windows will NOT work. What will work is backing up your data (via any form other than a system image), shutting down your Blade, turning it on, immediately pressing the F9 button continuously to get into Recovery Mode, and recovering your Blade.
In Recovery Mode, everything is reverted back to the same way it came out of the factory, including Windows, Synapse, and, of course, drivers, meaning that it will work just the way it used to do out of the factory.
Once everything is good and you're done with the Windows setup, turn on airplane mode IMMEDIATELY. This makes sure that driver updates and Windows updates don't get downloaded and mess up your Blade again. Trust me, both are the contributing factors to your Blade encountering these issues.
For me, the driver issue obviously was the cause of the black screen and flickering and Windows updates were actually an issue that caused Windows Hello to be very laggy and inconsistent, so I've disabled both. I know I'm running an ancient driver and build but until Razer gets their stuff together and cooperate with both Windows and Nvidia to release quality updates that don't compromise our devices, I'll be fine with them I guess.
Any news on this Razer?
Any news on this Razer?
With latest Nvidia drivers it finally works again! I'm guessing not really thanks to Razer because of no communication on their part.
still not working for me
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still not working for me either...
with 466.77 nvidia drivers it's ok, but sometimes the screen stay black after sleep mode...
with 471.11 and 41 nvidia drivers, it's a mess, lot's of blackscreens when i switch boost mode to balance mode in DGPU.
In optimus mode, the last intel udpate drivers makes the screen black when i start the laptop.
I've the RBP 17 early 2021 4K 120hz 3080.
I wonder if Razer will move one day...

Sorry for my poor english..
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some news from RAZER???
bump. im guessing there is never going to be an update to address this. Roll back your driver. poor show guys poor show.
bump. im guessing there is never going to be an update to address this. Roll back your driver. poor show guys poor show.

With the latest driver from Nvidia and bios 1.06 this problem is resolved for me.
1.03 was the first version I think to fix this issue. Unfortunately by upgrading to that bios I lost the ability to undervolt, but fixed my black screen issue after waking up from sleep when on DGPU mode.
very sad that after such long time RAZER didnt come up with a solution for this issue - im still using 452.06 and the original bios. ... i think its time for me to go to LENOVO