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WOLVERINE V2 PRO | Connect. Control. Conquer.

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^I still greatly prefer wired arcade stick for fighting  games and shmups, but for platformers, metroidvanias, and other genres, wireless can be very nice and the latency for many is getting lower and lower each product lifecycle.

Razer continuing to improve a proprietary super-low-latency wireless is something I look forward to for every genre of game besides fighting games and shmups, where a few ms can be the difference.

Also very eager to see where else this absolutely gorgeous, clicky, microswitch, 8-way floating D-Pad of the Wolverine V2 pro lands.   

obviously it’ll be on a Wolverine V3 Pro, or some sort of “Wolverine V2 Pro Legacy”, with a symmetric PlayStation layout.


but I also suspect Razer will utilize that same gorgeous D-Pad on an updated PS5/switch/etc wired&wireless RAION model and updated PS5/switch/etc wired&wireless RAIJU model, again sharing these white/black/LED stormtrooper hood looks of the gorgeous Wolverine V2 Pro.

I'm also looking forward to seeing where else their gorgeous, clicky, microswitch, 8-way floating D-Pad lands. I'm sure it will be on a variety of their products, including a Wolverine V3 Pro emedia.am/az/, a Wolverine V2 Pro Legacy, an updated RAION, and an updated RAIJU.