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Next Razer Edge Pro?

  • 17 September 2019
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A long time Razer fan for those that remember this stranger that touted how happy his Razer products have treated him 🙂

So I come back with a request of what seems to be the next Razer Edge Pro. Just because I come from the generation of the original nintendo (atari even if you wanna push it) That your new device comes with pre downloaded games from that era. I think this would be a solid move considering no major name brand handheld comes with this (not even the switch). Even making it the option would be awesome! From centepede to mario to even Street Fighter 2 ..psst @mltan , Although the generic hand held game pads you could settle for on amazon or ebay, I just dont trust although cheap. This Razer item would be a buy for me!

Happy to be back! How is everyone?

Best wishes,
Your most trusted customer 🙂

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Hi glad to have you back here on the forum, me still unchanged second trusted happy costumer after you lol. How’s your Corev2 and stealth i believe? Corev2 is still serving me great and now housing rtx2080 rocking gears5 4K @60fps:smile_:, though the stealth 2016 I just sold last week for gunmetal 2017 upgrade.
Yes I saw that patent post on Reddit and hope we see something decent like on next CS. Razer actually should do this way before this since RazerEdge was innovated way before switch with project Fiona. Though they’re different OS environment. I’ll pay anything if there’s Razer tablet that has TB3 port that can take advantage from having Razer Core.