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Razer hunstman v2 analog won’t type after software installed

  • 5 November 2022
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Hi! As the title says, my brand new razer hunstman v2 analog will not type nor function after installing the razer synapse software (and restarting).
This is my first razer product.
The keyboard was working perfectly fine before I restarted.
The LEDs work however I noticed the pattern changed from a slow solid rainbow to a fast rainbow whilst idle and a green splash that lights up around the key pressed.
I’ve tried:
- checking the drivers are updated
- restarting my computer whilst the cables were out and putting the cables back in on start
- switching USB ports
- holding down esc caps and space and putting the cables back in
- repairing the software and restarting
- uninstalling the software and restarting
- checking the USB ports work for other devices

Thank you for reading

3 Replies

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It’s little confusing what is the issue ? You mean keybord Keys dont work in Windows ?
Razer hunstman v2 tkl esp same problem , change the place key and it keeps pressing any key

me pasa lo mismo las luces no prenden y pulso la tecla una ves y se repite como 6 veces eh intentado todo y no hay forma de volver a usarlo