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The Official UN-Official "I was at PAX" Thread

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not this year or any coming years but one day i will there with my selfie at that razer booth 🙂
When is the announcement expected? Monday?
Don't tell me that the new Pro isn't going to be announced yet!
i wish i went to PAX, sounds like so much fun
Had a great time at PAX this year and at the Razer booth. Not only scored a sweet deal on the man o war but sold my MacBook for and picked up a Razer Blade stealth! Loving it!
WASNT. couldn't afford it 😞
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and I was not at PAX 😞
I hope everyone had a blast at PAX-West. It seem like it was great event! Hopefully I will be able to make it one year!
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Those meetings should be so fun.
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Hey Insiders!

I'm finally back from PAX West and it was a blast! Our booth was poppin' and it was nice to meet fans and die hard members of the Cult of Razer, some even showed up in cultist robes, it was awesome.

We gave out the new Blackwidow Elites, Huntsman Elites, Mamba Elites and even the legendary and hard to find Razer Plushie!

I've awarded some of you the "Booth Party!" Achievement for participating in our fun little thread regardless of whether or not you went. Told you I'd find some zSilver to throw around :wink_:.

Thank you all and I hope to meet you at the next event!

Come through and say hello!

Real quick, since I gotta pack and get on a plane.

Post selfies of yourself at our booth and I might ninja some zSilver for you.

Find me and I'll definitely pick up some zSilver off the floor and pocket it for you.

If you can't make it, tell us what you'll be doing instead, it could be boring, it could be fun, just keep it clean, positive and relevant to Insider in general and who knows, a few bits of zSilver may find their way over to you. But let's keep this between us, ok? Insiders only :wink_:

Who knows, I may come out like a bandit and have more than zSilver in my bags.

No promises, no guarantees, whatever I can get my hands on.

But don't be shy, say hello!

And again, if you won't be at PAX, you can still post here and say you weren't!

Maybe I should rename this the Official Un-Offical "I was at PAX" or "Not at Pax" Thread?

I visited the Razer booth and picked up a Razer Phone there. (Of course they lowered the price even more less than a week later.) Razer had six stations to try it out so it was one of the few PAX demos available without long lines....
Why don’t events like this happen in my country I really want to be at such event but it never happens here.
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I need such events in Poland 😲

I agree with you this will be amazing 😛
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Why don’t events like this happen in my country I really want to be at such event but it never happens here.

It is because America has the leading tech entrepreneurs and inventors there. For example CES, most tech products are announced there as in my opinion they have decent support, facilities and community there. However Razer do have AFKs in many countries. In my country it always happen in Kuala Lumpur. I hope they conduct it sometimes in east Malaysia such as Kuching.