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[TotW] A RazerCon 2020 Post-Mortem

  • 14 October 2020
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I was riveted! I logged on about 10 mins after the start, and watched right up until the end of the after show. I very much liked the keynote presentation, the trailer for the "documentary" for sneki snake had me in stitches (and I love the conservation partnership), I very much enjoyed PCMR Pedro's presentation and his building of the new rig (and wished very much that I had won it, or the grand prize for that matter :smile_:). The after show was great, all performers were good, but Deadmau5 was my favourite, with Dragonforce and the request for emojis a close 2nd. As a side note, about 3/4s way through the event (first time I have sat so long in a very long time) I realized that I REALLY needed a new chair, so the Iskur is on pre-order. All in all, it was a good day, and I really appreciated being able to participate in the event.

Now that the show has come and gone, what did you all think? Were there unexpected surprises, disappointments or was it overall an excellent experience? I'd love to know your thoughts.

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Very nice
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I thought it was pretty cool. There were some unexpected announcements, there were some expected announcements. I really liked most of the products and partnerships that were announced. It was really cool to see chroma expanded and supported by third parties, the motherboard partnership was awesome and cannot wait to see what other manufactures can do by partnering / supporting chroma in their hardware.

Deep down I do wish there was an announcement for the Razer Phone 3, but it's not a huge deal. Overall it was a super fun stream and event to take part in.
I am forgetting an important health safety note, I would like to share a tip for covid masks, I hope you will share with all of your partners and Razer company employee.
Because the influencers kept putting their hands on their masks during the show.

After installing the protective mask on your face, you should not touch it with your hands except when you take it off, this is really important to avoid the spread of contamination and if it does not have a nose rest for to prevent it from slipping, use a piece of tape or sparadrag between the nose and the mask so that it does not slip.

I hope you find my advice helpful.

Take care of yourself, your family and friends, :)

❤ This is lovely advice and very politely phrased. Lovely. :-)

Let's reward this excellent behavior by fulfilling their hopes for the quartz edition of the new chair. :big_grin_::cool_::smile_::eek_::big_grin_::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::cool_:
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Wait a second, can you get the "nice" achievement multiple times?

Hello Darkraihs

Yes, once a month you can get each rewards.

The Razer team loves your feedback, Keep writing high quality posts. ^ _ ^

This is lovely advice and very politely phrased. Lovely.

Let's reward this excellent behavior by fulfilling their hopes for the quartz edition of the new chair.

Hello Corben Dallas,

Thank you, you are the nicest. ♥♥♥

Sadly didn't watch it. 10 hours time difference with Greece and had work that day. Reading through the impressions here now. Let's see what exciting stuff I missed. Thanks for the feedback gamers!

Hello bizWeldonBluetools832,

You can go watch the replay on Youtube and see the best moments of the show below:

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still no toaster! lol
but seriously, i liked the gaming chair most.
next favourite is the seiren mini
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Missed all the online events but base on the articles I read the show is pretty awesome! Kudos RAZER!