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[TotW] RazerCon 2020 Schedule Snek Peek

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Wait, WTH is happening at 6:00 PM PDT?

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Razer Blade with 30 nvidia video card or Blade with Amd 4000h CPU 🙂
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At 6PM they give everyone old phones and play a Snake tournament!
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Razer will unveil the Anaconda, a revolutionary new type of mouse.
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Toasters all over the world start getting thrown in the recycling bins because the Razer one is finally here.

That's not your wrong answer. It's what I want to see happening. I have poor imagination for wrong answers
Time for movie “Snakes on a Plane”.?:)🐍
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How I wish I can attend this kind of events
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would love to go try out their new gaming chair.
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How I wish I can attend this kind of events

yup, me too.
POPCORNS :wink_: