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About the Paid to Play Suspension.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. DawsonJr

    DawsonJr Active Member


    Well, here's hoping this is an early April Fool's joke. I'm seriously hoping this doesn't end up happening. Initially, the paid-to-play program was limited to what games were partnered with the program and ZSilver had no expiry date; then they made it more difficult to earn ZSilver via the paid-to-play program by limiting eligible games to five per month (though, it seems this recently changed by allowing ZSilver to be earned on all games, and those five games just give extra) and gave ZSilver an expiration date; now they increase the price of everything that could be redeemed with ZSilver and entirely remove the paid-to-play program "indefinitely" (possibly used this specific terminology purposefully so as to permanently remove it on the sly). I absolutely LOVE Razer, my awesome gear - aside from a few issues I'm encountering now that can possibly be attributed more-so to age - and the paid-to-play program (even after they limited earning to five eligible games every month), but this really is just leaving a bad feeling all the way around, in my opinion. Unfortunately, the price hike on top of this has made it more-or-less impossible for me to reach my goal. :slightly_sad:

    Here's hoping something happens to revert this decision before it actually gets finalized and goes through March 1. I'll be completely honest and up front in saying I don't know what negative feedback there was - I admit, I'm not the most active here (mostly just scan through a few things), but drop by from time-to-time to comment on some stuff - but the only real two negatives I see with the program are: the shipping costs could be an issue for low-income individuals who really want to participate to get some Razer goodies, and the introduction of ZSilver having an expiration date made it difficult for those with little free time to save up towards a higher reward. Coupons that can be redeemed at local stores for the merchandise would be great for those unable to afford shipping, and removing the expiration date on ZSilver would allow people sufficient time to save up towards that one big reward they're working towards.


  2. Tarqueth

    Tarqueth New Member

    I'm having a hard time believing that there was so much negative feedback on the P2P program that it would warrant removing it. I think the program is actually one of the smartest tools Razer has allowed us to use. As a streamer, I had explained to many viewers of the benefits of downloading/using cortex.

    What I think may really be going on here (put on your tinfoil hats) is that Razer wasn't expecting to push out the amount of rewards as they have. How can that be limited or possibly even negated? By removing the largest-free way to earn currency and then place an expiration on past/future currency. Will it even be possible to obtain enough zSilver to purchase the mid to high end items with no P2P and an expiration?

    For me, it's really not a big deal. I love Razer products and will continue to buy them as I can afford to with real money. But if we're being honest, I have no true incentive to push Cortex to my viewers (I'm a very small streamer anyway) if the P2P is gone.
    -The Game Boost?... Great idea, but not really needed. In fact, I've got mine turned off because I don't want to take the time to customize it for my gaming/streaming.
    -Ability to purchase games from multiple linked game clients?... again, nice but not really needed. To be fair here, I've never purchased a game through Cortex so I have no idea of the ease/difficulty it is considering it's a system linked with my Steam account.
    -GameCaster?... I love you Razer, but seriously leave the streaming software to xSplit and OBS

    I just realized how negative this post turned out. I apologize as I prefer to keep things positive, but this is how I feel and I hope Razer proves me wrong and brings back P2P or another program with better deals.

    I love you Razer but something else is up. ;-)
  3. Edown

    Edown Member

    That's a shame from these people complaining about being rewarded for sitting their *** in a chair playing computer games. Those always wanting more and more are neither beneficial to the Earth nor to the Humanity.
  4. Amoledune

    Amoledune New Member

  5. MeltedSnowGirl

    MeltedSnowGirl New Member

    That something else is probably shareholder angst. You said it, the amount of rewards given out. That hits the bottom line right there. Each product is a potential sale lost.

    Also, does keeping GameBoost off help your frame loss? I have what you would call a Potato Streaming rig and I stream a very CPU heavy game (Mechwarrior Online) and just wonder if Game Boost can help that? I dunno, just grasping at straws. I don't like having frame drops in my game, makes it very difficult to play.
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  6. cheekerismo

    cheekerismo New Member

    Doesn't mean we should keep questions to ourselves. This is a forum after all.
  7. Niarb

    Niarb Member

    Doesn't mean i can't express my opinion either.
  8. Asten__

    Asten__ Active Member


    You put a lot of thought into this - and I think all your points are very valid.
    If all the negative feedback that razer got is really true (and i think it can very well be like that), then I not only understand but endorse to close the program down - i feel shame because people are behaving like that even tough it is a opt-in, free thing - if they did not like it, they could have just quit the program instead of complaining!
  9. CrimsonAssassin

    CrimsonAssassin Active Member

    It's really sad but still, thank you Razer for allowing us to get free stuffs. :) Hope this get back sooner
  10. Hi Admin,

    I'm a normal working staff that spent around 5 hours (Featured games) on each day just to farm the silverz from 9pm till 2am, and i sleep around 2am+. Morning have to wake up at 9am so just few hours of sleeping time. I been doing this for the past 4 months already since the cap for the silver earning is only at 900. I was so surprised y'all increased the amount [Kraken V2 Pro (130,000 - 146,500) for redemption without noticing us. and now this PTP program is going to suspend. based on my calculation the 110,000 silverz is not enough to redeem the razer product and admin do not have a clear path "what will replace for PTP program" for hardcore gamers like us. I felt like i got cheated, and my friends was laughing at me. What will Razer do when u have enough silver to redeem the product? they said. the price for the product would just continue to increase when you almost complete the farming.

    What i wish for is simple, i wish i could continue doing the same thing until i could redeem the kraken v2 pro/ kraken 7.1. with the price that i joined in 4months ago, start from basic 2,050 silver until 110,000 silverz have to go with a very consistent lifestyle and i have done that. i even rush back from work just not to miss the 40 login reward.

    I hope Razer staff could hear this post and your feedback is appreciated.

    Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinese staffs in Razer Inc.
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  11. tomasdemelo

    tomasdemelo New Member

    only possible complaints i could imagine would be with the quanity of zsilver that one could earn each day or the speed they could ear the 900
  12. tomasdemelo

    tomasdemelo New Member

    will the catalog continue to be updated?
  13. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    If you spend 5 hours a day “farming”... why not just do a part time job for a few days and buy the Kraken outright?
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  14. Huntdrome

    Huntdrome New Member

    Sad to read this kind of things, I use p2p from its launch and I could redeem a lancehead, I hope p2p return soon because is a good idea to reward gamers for do what they love
  15. BoyJiro

    BoyJiro New Member

    From the responses here, I'm going to go ahead and assume the negative feedback is from a small portion of the Paid-2-Play users. I choose not to believe it's possible their negativity could speak for all of us. Most of my friends who also participate in this program do not directly post on the forums. So I find it more likely a user will go through hoops to leave negative feedback on a product or program than it would be for a user with nothing to complain about.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Razer, but I really hope there's going to be a new chapter for this program soon after suspension.
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  16. tainacmaia

    tainacmaia New Member

    I don't understand who could send negative feedback for free zsilver... but ok, I hope they bring it back as soon as possible
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  17. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I can't help but wonder if those who gave negative feedback in such a large amount..
    For this to happen..

    Could it be those people who abuse the system to sell the products for profit?
    Just a little thought..
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  18. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Just a heads up, you don't buy games through Cortex. Cortex just shows you the prices on everysite in one place. The only reason to sync it to steam/gamersgate is so your wish lists sync up. Otherwise just add all your games you want in Cortex and wait for deals.
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  19. Moggins7

    Moggins7 New Member

    Yes, like honestly who doesn't like free stuff?!?!?
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  20. Tarqueth

    Tarqueth New Member

    This is going a bit off topic, but if anything, Game Boost should help you. I've never had it affect my fps or packet loss whether it's on or off. My system is about 3 years old and I honestly don't notice a benefit when turning on the Game Boost. It free's up some memory, turns off some processes, but there have been several times when it crashed my system. With that said, every system is different and any program can affect each system differently. On my old laptop I ran game boost all the time because it did seem to help.
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