Android 9.0 Pie Now Rolling Out To RP1 Devices (Live Again!)

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Rox598, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Hey Insiders!

    Very glad to announce that the Android Pie 9.0 Update is now rolling out to Razer Phone 1 devices right now!

    I personally want to thank you all for being so patient, I know this was a long time coming but thank you for holding on and sticking with the team.

    Now go get your pie update!


    EDIT: There is currently an issue with the camera in the latest update.

    If you have do not disturb switched on the camera will force close. For now please turn those function off until a fix is rolled out.

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    WASSABEE New Member

    Can't launch any games without black screen after updating. Is it just me?
  3. HaqenDehn

    HaqenDehn New Member

    Same! Blank screen can't login any games
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  4. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Mine is still updating atm but what games aren't loading for you?
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    WASSABEE New Member

    All, unfortunately
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  6. Shado8w7

    Shado8w7 New Member

    I cant read my Fanfiction on fanfic app and phone performance is choppy. Like really laggy. Hope this will be fixed.
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    WASSABEE New Member

    Found a temporary fix. Disable game booster then restart phone.
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  8. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Okay everyone let me do some digging on this

    Mine is still optimizing apps but I'll try my best

    Hopefully I can find something better but I'm glad this works nice find.
  9. TanJADEauto948

    TanJADEauto948 New Member

    Should we hold off from updating?
  10. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Okay everyone

    I had the issue too and managed to fix it

    Head into cortex and game booster and click the reset settings button on the top right hand corner. This will reset all clock speeds and settings in game booster and the games should work then :)
  11. NIRUT

    NIRUT New Member

    I got 1 phone to 9.0 Pie and got this problem. Another 1 phone I have to pause the update to avoid this problem.

    Pokemon Go and Azur Lane also affected with this bug.

    Also, disable game booster will prevent this problem, already test and game load normally.
  12. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    The fix I posted above does work but unfortunately it seems Game booster is broken in this update everyone

    I'll get this passed on asap but for now just reset game booster

    (System settings>game booster> tap the reset icon on the top right hand corner)
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  13. NIRUT

    NIRUT New Member

    Wow, that's work now. Thank you!
  14. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    If any of you know how to take bug reports please send me the files (via PM) so I can send them on.
  15. TanJADEauto948

    TanJADEauto948 New Member

    My camera keeps crashing, can't even open it!
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  16. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Can't replicate that issue here, my camera is opening fine. Are you using Gcam or the razer cam?
  17. TanJADEauto948

    TanJADEauto948 New Member

    Using the stock camera app
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  18. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Okay clear the camera app data if you haven't already just to make sure it's not got some corrupted data. If no luck uninstal it and update it via the play store again.
  19. TanJADEauto948

    TanJADEauto948 New Member

    I've cleared the cache, no luck still. Also no option to uninstall.
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  20. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    If you click disable in app settings it should do the uninstall.
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