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Behind the Scenes with the Razer Huntsman TE

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Lafar, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. jedramos

    jedramos Active Member

    yes i know but what is the equivalent of that force on an ordinary switch?
  2. Lionkongg

    Lionkongg New Member

    opto mechanical switches have 40g of actuation force and light actuation unlike normal switches. Normal switches have 50-80g actuation force and the metal has to hit the base of the keyboard unlike normal switches
  3. Hardsequencer

    Hardsequencer Member

    I do like the Huntsman :wink_: , but im gonna stick with the Blackwidow for now .... :big_grin_:
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  4. fyBiceps

    fyBiceps Member

    I was 2k Short to redeem the hunstman elite and almost 50k coins would expire.Will be great to have this added in razer silver.
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  5. Bluzie

    Bluzie New Member

    alright i got this keyboard when at the beginning of this year, the actuation took some time and if you guys could add something to maybe allow the used to have a chance to change the actuation distance that would be greatly appreciated. as someone who came from the Ornata and black widow BF 4 edition (yes ive been around that long) the reds took some time to get used to but the keyboard is solid and feels amazing when typing up law school papers. (also feels good for dota) so it did take some time to get used to but damn do i like it now! razer this was a solid keyboard, this small form factor with the PBT keys are simply what ive wanted. now i also like the razer blade keyboard on the blade 15 id send up a poll to see what people thought of some that was a desktop version. might be interesting if you threw that idea in the air and see what sticks!
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