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Blackwidow keep disconnect and reconnect

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by pulseAtomicTangerine817, Jul 11, 2020.

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  1. When I download my razer synapse 3 everything is fine for a few weeks, after that, when I started launching my computer, the keyboard keep disconnect and reconnect. Few weeks later, I got a new replacement, and it also working fine. But it got the problem where it spells f even when the key is not hold. I got a another new blackwidow and still have the same problem. The only way to fix it is uninstalling synapse 3 and now I cant use marco and any cool effects.
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  2. Did you end up getting any type of response?
    im in a similar boat i cant seem to find a fix
  3. Well when I downloaded the synapse, it keeps disconnect and reconnect with delay with 5 sec
  4. Wynxie

    Wynxie New Member

    im having the same problem tho sometimes i can get it to stay conected but i cant change the color of the keyboard anymore
  5. weedimo

    weedimo New Member

    yeha basically the same thing happening here. whenever synapse is open, the keyboard crashes after about 2 seconds; works fine if i close synapse but can't use any of my macros which is a pain.

    KALAIK New Member

    Having the same issue, tried all the ports, disabled power management, re-installed synapse ... too many times now. Not only can I not use the features on the keyboard but I cannot use my other razer devices. Nari, Tartarus V2, firefly. Unless I want to have the keyboard disconnect every 10 seconds.
  7. Tons of same threads. It's Razers shit Synapse Software not working reliable for years.
    And they don't care.

    So people:
    Don't buy Razer hardware, until they change their software team and fix their drivers!

    KALAIK New Member

    Going to let the support ticket get answered, if no fix/spport given i will be returning my Blackwidow and getting off razer cool aid.
  9. Razer support LoL, much fun ....
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