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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

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  1. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Someone use sabrent 4tb rocket on blade stealth, pretty sure it can handle this too. Just don’t waste the money for PCIe 4.0 since the cpu only can handle pcie 3.0. For ram as other mentioned 64gb it’s stated on specification as well, ram speed not sure, up to 2933 or 3200 MHz, depends what xmp says.
  2. PaulRTX2080Blade

    PaulRTX2080Blade New Member

    I see that the Razer Blade Advanced 2021 4K OLED with RTX 3080 now only says it has 8gb of VRAM on thr product pages! Is this correct? Serial number is same as before and up until yesterday it said it had 16 GB of VRAM for the GPU (serial: RZ09-0367CE53-R3U1).

    Is it a webpage glitch? Has anyone received the 4K OLED with RTX 3080 16GB VRAM?
  3. steang

    steang New Member

    As far as i know, only the pro 17 inch 4K 120HZ has the 16gb version.
  4. PaulRTX2080Blade

    PaulRTX2080Blade New Member

  5. PaulRTX2080Blade

    PaulRTX2080Blade New Member

  6. Mannymal

    Mannymal New Member

    I have my RB15A QHD on the mail.

    So I was disappointed to read here that when using the iGPU it is limited to 60hz. Very disappointed, to the point where I may return the laptop. Is there ANY way to use the iGPU at more than 60hz? Is there at least a BIOS switch to boot on iGPU mode allowing for higher refresh rates? I can't stand doing any desktop work at 60hz, and running on dGPU permantently would kill battery life. I'm used to my current 2019 RB constantly running at 144hz regardless of which GPU is active.
  7. AFAIK you’ll have to return it and get the FHD model which uses traditional Optimus
  8. Mannymal

    Mannymal New Member

    I see. What a bummer. QHD + G-Sync were the main reason I was upgrading. A return to Razer may be in order.
  9. ZephirSt

    ZephirSt New Member

    So, I got the Advanced model with rtx3080 and QHD screen. When I connect it via usbc or thunderbolt to my docking station, it looks like it cannot run the external monitor at its native refresh rate (144hz) but at max at 120hz. I can see that the dGPU is running it, it correctly recognize it and display the gsync options as well, but if I set 144hz nothing comes up on the monitor (the machine seems to believe it's sending the signal, but the monitor does not receive anything).

    Anyone with similar experiences?
  10. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest Member

    What docking station are you using to pass thru your signal from the laptop to the monitor? That may be the bottleneck. Try connecting directly to the monitor.
  11. ZephirSt

    ZephirSt New Member

    I forgot to add it, but I already excluded the dock being the issue: the exact same setup works without any problem with an older dell XPS 15, which is even running the monitor via the integrated gpu
  12. saffronfs7

    saffronfs7 Member

    the support page is correct, the 4k OLED 3080 version is the only RB15A with 16GB VRAM. I'm pretty sure that's a typo on the product pages since they were 16GB last time I check...and I know someone who owns the 4k OLED that can confirm it's 16GB
  13. Ranzenberger

    Ranzenberger New Member

    Same to me. I had ordered a RBA15 RTX2070 Full HD 3 weeks ago and was so positively surprised - it was my first Razer Laptop ever - that I decided to change it for the newer QHD RTX3080 model.
    As I do use a lot of audio editing software the bigger screen is a plus, besides the more on RAM and HD space and worth the +800€.
    At the moment I regret changing my 2020 model into the 2021 model.
    First the bummer that internal Graphics is locked to 60Hz.
    Second, that gaming performance in Overwatch is stuttery every 3-5 seconds, even I did severeal factory resets
    It has both being so fluid before on the former machine, desktop work and gaming :frown_:.
    Third thing is, that Synapse doesnt work properly with Overwatch any longer. At my 2020 model keys were automatically colored differently when the game started (WASD, Special Abilities etc.) but now the keyboard keeps statically illuminated.
    I hope all these things can be fixed software sided soon as I really like those Razer Laptops (and dont want to step back to a 2020 model again).
  14. Hows the screen on the QHD 240hz model ? i have the late 2019 OLED and thinking of upgrading, not sure if i could live without the OLED display.......
  15. Definitely a downgrade from OLED. Also, keep in mind you only get 240hz when gaming. Windows desktop is locked to 60hz on the QHD model.
  16. Cheers, thought so, love the OLED just wish it was 120hz. Guess ill wait to see if Razer start using the 90hz panels samsung have coming soon.........
  17. Mannymal

    Mannymal New Member

    Are you using the charger from your old Blade? If I use the old charger I get the stuttering too. Try the new one.
  18. Savage_Scream911

    Savage_Scream911 New Member

    I don't have any issue with my Razer Blade 15 but if there is, I always reach out the Razer customer support to fix my problem and they are really responsive and for me Razer blade 15 is the best gaming laptop. Great job Razer! :wink_::ok_hand:
  19. Ranzenberger

    Ranzenberger New Member

    Nope, I do use the charger which was sent with the new Blade. But thanks for your advice!
  20. ha1o2surfer96

    ha1o2surfer96 New Member

    The 2021 doesn't exactly fit the 4TB sabrent. That was me that had the stealth with the 4TB. But with some tape, I got the 2TB evo in the "bottom" slot and the 4TB in the "top" slot
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