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Discussion in 'Systems' started by dekades, May 21, 2020.

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  1. michaeljeff

    michaeljeff New Member

    Can Razer Official give us an update on the Nvidia Geforce Experience Driver update situation?
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  2. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    Honestly, the 300hz option is amazing, but the 4k touch 120hz is something otherworldly in terms of how good it works. Not so great for in games due to pushing 4k with good FPS out of a 2080 super max q is kinda difficult, but i find that the screen looks super sharp at 1440p as well.
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  3. Does anyone know if this year we can expect a white variation of this laptop? This year I will have to buy a new computer to work, so a black laptop with a green logo, unfortunately, falls off.
  4. Reais_52

    Reais_52 New Member

    Hi Guys! I've gotten my Razer 17 Pro all running, with the Sabrent Rocket 2tb as main drive, the OEM hard drive as the spare hard drive, and I've installed 64 gb of 3200mhz Ballistix Ram (only running at 2666mhz sadly as I've not yet been able to bring myself to update the bios, nor have I tried undervolting yet to take advantage of the current bios's allowance for it).

    My question today is: I'd like to know if I can purchase a spare power brick for this laptop. I see a number of bricks available for other models, and one for a prior 17 (but with higher wattage and a different size to it). Does anyone know how to get additional OEM bricks for the 2020 Pro 17?
  5. 4K2HD

    4K2HD Member

    Welcome to the Club!
    If you are not Undervolting then by all means update the BIOS and get your 3200mhz, otherwise buy other RAM that will support 64Gb 2933Mhz.
    Why would you want another brick? Makes no sense! Because the GPU runs max at 120w and the CPU 65w, meaning that you are not held back by the brick.
    If anything, these 2020 models allow for USBC charging up to 100w so get one of those instead and only use the 230w brick when you game.
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  6. conan832

    conan832 Member

    A must have for gamers.
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  7. jmarc67

    jmarc67 Member

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  8. Darkhan1970

    Darkhan1970 New Member

    and yet still no Nvidia Driver update? If I update I loose 120hz on 4k with current Nvidia driver.
  9. jmarc67

    jmarc67 Member

    No... No driver at all
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  10. Darkhan1970

    Darkhan1970 New Member

    Good to see my 4300 spent is being given the best support after 2 months!
  11. Valeriosmit

    Valeriosmit New Member

    oh my god, yes please
  12. mharichu

    mharichu New Member



    this is so beautiful
  14. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I also think the 120hz version is more practical overall, unless you're a professional esports player you don't really need those ay hertz on the go.
  15. rb6freak

    rb6freak New Member

    Are you using 1440p in games only or the desktop as well? I would like to know if you can run Windows desktop in 2560x1440 at 120Hz on the 4k120 model.
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  16. TheParadyme

    TheParadyme New Member

    Which game are you running on 4k that is having issues?

    In my use, it seems to be running decently-ish on almost-4k (Samsung 49" ultrawide, in terms of pixels it's around 5% less than 4k) at max settings for most new single player AAA games.

    The exceptions that I've found so far being the Flight Simulator 2020 and on Far Cry 5 with HD texture pack and everything else enabled, there's not enough graphics memory so there's occasional stutters.
  17. TheParadyme

    TheParadyme New Member

    You can run Windows desktop on any resolution below the native 4k, whether 1440p or 1080p (latter has the benefit of being a resolution that is easy to integer scale to 4k so you don't have any artifacts from the scaling process).

    The better question would be why, though?
  18. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    Hi there, first time here and very happy with my new Razerblade 17 (10th Gen, RTX 2070 Mx-Q) purchase. I did update to the latest Bios due to the black screen issue when I shift to dedicated GPU only.

    Now I cannot undervolt :slightly_sad:

    Any news if undervolting will be allowed again on the latest model?
  19. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    I only run games in 1440p. they look sharp enough and give the frame rate i need to play at the settings i like. The real question here is why would you do that? Yes it's supports that, but i'd never run the desktop in anything less than 4k. That's just throwing away good stuff.
  20. rb6freak

    rb6freak New Member

    There are a couple of applications I use daily that do not support scaling and are unusable at 4k on a 17" screen. I also need more real-estate than a 1080p screen.
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