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Devices Supported by Razer Synapse 3?

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by nJOI.iwnl, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Because only using Synapse2 is only half of the truth !
    Most of us (not me anymore, and that costs me a lot of money) are forced to use two incompatible drivers of the same "premium" company. There would be no problem, if we could stay with Syn2, as it is, for all old and new products, and it would be okj, if we could stay with a Syn3 without beta and bugs. But both is not possible !
    That's not acceptable.
  2. whocodes

    whocodes New Member

    When is the Razer Tiamat 7.1v2 going to be supported? It's ridiculous to ask us to have multiple Synapse software installed; just add basic support for other devices the same way you did with Synapse 2.0. I would rather have *some* features supported than none at all.
  3. whocodes

    whocodes New Member

    Seriously considering switching to Corsair. The quality of these products is slowly dwindling as is.
  4. whocodes

    whocodes New Member

    Somehow my Razer Ornata Chroma is supported by Synapse 3 but my much, much newer Razer Tiamat 7.1v2 is not.
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  5. Olivier_286

    Olivier_286 New Member

    I understand synapse 3 is in beta and that's it's not completely finished yet, but why would you force people to use it then? You can't force people to use software that isn't finished yet and is still in beta (for over 3 years...). This is just so sad... :frown_:
  6. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    A company that isn't capable of finishing a software within 3 years! It's an oath of manifestation. But they have no scruples to take premium prices for their bad products.
  7. Razer as a company dont care about its software support of its products as shown time & time again by the feedback on this forum.

    Replace your Razer hardware with other manufacturers products & you will quickly see that the software issues dont need to exist.
    I swapped out three of Razer products for new Steelseries products, the steelseries all run under just one version of software & I have zero issues with them.

    Based on three years of beta software so far & counting by Razer do you honestly expect them to ever get this fixed?

    Change your hardware & lose the stress & inconvenience of Razer software!

    There hardware might be acceptable but thats no good if the software support is as poor as has been shown to be the case todate.
  8. avalank

    avalank New Member

    I just bought a razer orbweaver chroma and a naga trinity assuming that they are supported by synapse 3, instead after spending 200.00 of peripherals I find myself using 2 software synapse and with the doubt that the razer orbweaver is not supported by synapse 3, you can help me if you know something about the support yes this peripheral
  9. RubyRedleetcast194

    RubyRedleetcast194 New Member

    Your comment is valid but that is exactly what Razer are doing. You have no option but to become a beta tester and install software which is in development and BETA. If you buy a new release product you can only use it with Synapse 3 there is no option to fall back to a stable driver (aka Synapse 2). If you are a more long time Razer customer then you have to install two competing drivers on your PC.
  10. RubyRedleetcast194

    RubyRedleetcast194 New Member

    Similar problem keyboard, headset, orbweaver all on synapse 2.0 I'm not installing the beta synapse so my new Naga Trinity so I just have it running under default MS drivers....

    3 years is a long time to be forcing an unfinished beta on your customers. Might be better if you just spent your time completing this to a final stable release instead of constantly adding more "features" to it.
  11. Note that although this is a Razer forum how little if any feedback by Razer on when they might...if ever.. get their shit together regarding there currently attrocious software support of their products.

    I still have the previous three Razer items that would not operate under one version of non beta software stored away in the hope that they maybe of use to someone in the future.

    In all fairness I would not even donate them free of charge to anyone whilst the current softwarfe fiasco is remains unresolved.

    All Razer hardware should be able to run under 1 non beta software, new products should automatically be recognised & suported under that one version too.

    Whoever has allowed this software support to get to the stage where customers are being driven away to alternate manufactures should be sacked along with replacing the software team leader so that Razer might have a half decent chance of moving forward with quality support of its customers & a return to improving sales.
  12. thakursam

    thakursam New Member

    Is there any chance that Diamondback mouse will be supported by Synapse 3 in coming future or else i will sell it off !
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  13. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    There is no list of devices that will get support for synapse 3 but for sure older the device is less chance is will have support. Kepp watching new synapse 3 update topics sometime some info come up there.
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  14. DeathPerSecond

    DeathPerSecond New Member

    My opinion its to add every device to synapse 3 cuz we cant use 10 versions of synapse I got blackwindow 2014,kraken 7.1and deathadder elite so for now I need synapse 2.
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  15. FineNation

    FineNation New Member

    This is just outrageous. For 3 years they have been ****** the community, over the past year, NO ONE old device has been added to the support list. The forum thread is simply ignored by the company. They just sit and wait, when people spit on waiting and go buy new devices. Several times I wrote in support, no reaction, everyone does not care. I do not know what happened, but this is absolutely not the company that I remember.
    I used the company's products for 8 years, took the top 50 in dota and the top 20 in sc2 on these mice and the good old widow. If I had not bought Tiamats 7.1 v2, I would have thrown all these shit into the bin and moved on to something else a year ago.
    All who will read this, dont even think to buy new razer products, razer is dead.
  16. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Yes ! All this time, I was hoping, that they would integrate the Orbweaver and fix their problems. That's why I am still here.
    But frustration kept growing about this weird management decisions and development with bugs and 3 years of beta, not integrating devices, that are still sold!
    Meanwhile I sold my other Razer devices with lots of loss, and as long nothing verifiable happens, I will not buy any Razer product or recommend it to others.
  17. If I wouldn't be so enraged about the simply bad behaviour of Razer at the moment I would simply rage quit...
  18. So, it has been 2 years since this post. Can you give us an update, which devices are planned to be added? I still can't use my DeathAdder Chroma, DeathStalker or Kranken Pro 7.1V2 Chroma.
    I just bought a Razer Nari and had to install Synapse 3 since it doesn't show up in Synapse 2. But no matter what I do or which settings I use, the Microphone quality is trash compared to the Kraken Pro 7.1V2 - Why don't you just use this mic in the Nari?
  19. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    And as we can see: nobody cares about this "little" thread of unsatisfied customers.
    Since two years, nothing substantial has happend to the software desaster.
    And the fact, that at least not an official comment has come, shows us, that they don't care,
    and probable don't realy work on this problem.

    So let's forget about it. Go where customers feedback is heard and implemented, and official words are not just sound and air.
  20. Everybody is talking about climate change and how to try to save our environment. In this time Razer is activly destroying our world with their planned obsolescence of working AND still sold devices.

    At the very least, Synapse 3 should have full working support for the devices which are still sold.

    You should change your color from flashy green to dead black.

    How dare you are ? Shame on you Razer, shame on you !!!
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