I fixed the drift on my TE-edition!

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by maskros87, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. maskros87

    maskros87 New Member

    So i had the same problems as everyone else with my controller from start, and updating it just made it worse.
    few days ago i got so mad after getting killed in blackout because of the drift that i simply pushed down the right stick and blew my life into the controller, and i also pulled and pushed the sticks up and down in the socket.
    Havent had any drift since then, my guess is that there is somekind of dust inside from production, making the sensors inside the controller go wild?

    This worked for me, and i hope that is working for at least some of you.

    1. push down the sticks and blow hard into the sockets
    2. pull and push the sticks in/out of the sockets ( i was mad so i did it really hard, be careful :D )

    Hope it helps!

    Edit: i did not have the beta firmware installed
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  2. Flipkick661

    Flipkick661 New Member

    My God, you’re absolutely right! I fixed the drift on my Ultimate by blowing compressed air around the base of the stick, while pushing, pulling and swiveling it around. It makes sense it might be dust, as my drift issue appeared after about a month of use, so it seemed strange for it to be a software issue. Thanks for the tip!
  3. maskros87

    maskros87 New Member

    one more thing, if this solves your stick drift please make a note in this post. I think it will help Razor to indentify the root issue and help get the solution out faster.
  4. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    Which firmware are you running?

    Interested to see others feedback on this as well.
  5. maskros87

    maskros87 New Member

    1.01 i think, the one you can get from the site
  6. Flipkick661

    Flipkick661 New Member

    Im running the 1.02 beta firmware.
  7. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    I’m on 1.01 from shop purchase today. Everything seems fine so far. Big of lag on bt but working well via cable.

    Reluctant to go to beta as had the ultimate and made things far worse.

    TE seems good so far. I blew in it before use just in case.
  8. d3vilsim

    d3vilsim New Member

    Hi, is the TE BT lag very obvious compare with Dualshock? thanks
  9. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    Yes, very noticeable. I have given up using it and sticking to wired.

    No drift issues to report so far, just lag.
  10. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    Can someone send me the 1.02 software?
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  11. d3vilsim

    d3vilsim New Member

    Ouch .. i need bt and local razer dealer claim all new stock no more problems. not sure should trust or not lol.
  12. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Tried it on my raiju ultimate. I'm on the beta firmware btw. Normally i would get huge stick drift playing the forest. So that's the first game i tried. Dont know why, but the stick drift seems gone. Just the input lag is still there sometimes. Werd thing is on battlefield 5 i had no problems. Even before this "fix".
  13. SerJGV

    SerJGV New Member

    Me too, please
  14. cAtChMexd

    cAtChMexd New Member

    So I've had two raiju ultimate controllers (now on my second one) and I've had contact with the support on my first controller and with this second one I started off having almost no trouble and having it gradually getting worse but when I read this I thought I'd give it a shot and it kinda worked I think? The drift issue is not as bad anymore but now I'm considering downloading the newest patch just to make it work as optimal as possible because I feel the controller sometimes having a bit of input lag or someting... Thoughts?
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  15. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    It's worth a shot.
  16. carPinkLacethink775

    carPinkLacethink775 New Member

    Thanks! Blowing air actually did help temporarily. Every time the drift appeard it went away by blowing air into the sticks
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  17. maskros87

    maskros87 New Member

    I guess different games have different "native" sensitivity? but yeah its strange
  18. Gra_phic

    Gra_phic New Member

    wow.. I did this on my ultimate and it worked!
    i'm running the beta 1.02
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  19. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I think it helped overall, didnt have that super crazy stick drift i had last time, i had some small drifts here and there. Still tho the drift appears and there are times where the right stick isnt responding for a bit, plus when u change profiles u feel instantly some small stick drift many times. So the controller definately needs a fix. i dont think it had dust inside, maybe from the design of it somehow dust goes inside when we play it? No idea. Somehow it seems this helped tho it didnt fix it but this "fix" can actually be from the pressure on the sticks and not from blowing air inside it.
  20. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    Upgraded to 1.02 today, quick test on black ops and no noticeable lag on BT anymore. No stick drift to report on either stick and hair triggers work as intended.

    Will test via cable tonight.
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