Introducing the Razer Support Board

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Razer.WolfPack, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Datrat

    Datrat Well-Known Member

    It is a nightmare. I cannot view Alerts, I can not easily comment, I am not able to see my Avatar, I hadn't heard of the app but I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Firebat246

    Firebat246 Well-Known Member

    Good things always come to those who wait! Thank you to the entire Razer team for everything you do!
  3. RSRazza

    RSRazza New Member

    Amazing , keep up the good work! :D
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  4. RekoSunfire

    RekoSunfire New Member

    Well done guys! Keep up the hard work! Its really paying off! Im loving the platform you guys created!
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  5. Simooonii

    Simooonii New Member

    Razer 4lyfe
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  6. engmia

    engmia New Member

    Good to see changes in the right direction. Good support is essential for every decent company, and you guy are growing a lot.
  7. EggLegg

    EggLegg Member

    @Razer.WolfPack Does this also change criteria towards the advocate banner out of interest: Is it now when you have made a noticeable effort to help, instead of just showing off your knowledge about the product??
  8. Chowgamer

    Chowgamer Member

    Love, Team Razer.[/QUOTE]
    love you back, Razer
  9. Gibson7

    Gibson7 Active Member

    finally, a place for those with issues with their devices
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  10. gortix

    gortix New Member

    Finaly support for insider.
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  11. Daniel484

    Daniel484 New Member

    Nice! I hope there will be a mobile app soon.
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  12. ly_nn

    ly_nn New Member

    very the goood
  13. DARKKi

    DARKKi Member

    Wow, looking up to mobile app!

    I am seeing in the future and think it is like xda mobile app but with Razer skin :]
  14. MrJoky

    MrJoky New Member

    What about the iOS fans? Is the app coming out for us too?
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  15. Parth1C

    Parth1C New Member

    Hi Razer Insider support team I require some support ! I am having a problem with getting my ( getting started ) award I have every criteria done ! yet it dose not let me get it ? I have tried to contact RAZER software support but they cant help me ! They have asked me to contact uses throw the forum for assistance !
  16. well, i think the support part is should be the most essential part in this forum in the first place...