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Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by technokat, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. Feigerling

    Feigerling New Member

    I have the Kit. But the Audio Visualiser will not run with this. :frown_:
  2. Kpfhorn

    Kpfhorn New Member

    I've contacted the developer though GitHub, he is working on adding support for the HDK to the Audio Visualizer. :)
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  3. larssy1

    larssy1 New Member

    Got mine today!

    So, I've gotten a few thoughts thus far regarding this product:
    - The lights are super fancy and of excellent quality, both in daylight and in the dark
    - The package comes with four types of net power adapters: US, UK and 2 for european countries.. NICE!
    - The power- and usb-cable connecting to the module are long enough for basic mounts
    - The extension cables however, are rather short. I wanted to mount the module beneath my desk, but it appears that the extension cables are too short to mount it beneath the desk while having the led-strips on the top side of my monitors (Dell Ultrasharp U2414H) which are at their highest position. Extending the length of these extension cables with an additional 20-30 centimeters would be very nice.
    - As stated many times before, the HDK is not supported by Synapse 2, but only with Synapse 3 (BETA), which does only support 2 devices thus far. You can however seamlessly use Synapse 3 alongside Synapse 2, so I don't really see a problem on this part for now.
    - The option to provide the module with power through USB port, is sufficient, but the lights will be less bright compared to powersupplied through the net adaptor.

    The point related to the extension cables forced me to just put the module at the back of my desk, which is rather unfortunate.

    Note: The power connector is only neccesary when you would like the led-strips to be active 24/7 and/or desire more brightness. If you connect the module using the provided mini-USB cable, the module will shutdown itself when yoi shutdown your PC (Took me a few minutes to figure out). There is a 3rd power option, which is connecting it to your power supply, but the cable is way too short for that forcing you to mount your module inside or on your computer case.

    Despite a few 'drawbacks', if you'd like to call them that.. I have no regret spending cash on them as they are of great quality (as to be expected from Razer) and I enjoy every second of the leds. Can't wait for Synapse 3 updates :)


    Dark room - Red static themed


    Dark rood - Wave themed


    (Semi)Daylight - Wave themed


    Overall feeling:

    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
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  4. Maggots94

    Maggots94 New Member

    I've got mine just plugged into a power socket for the spectrum cycle. All I'm getting is one red flashing light on each LED strip. Tried USB too. So far this has just been a hassle.
  5. yjlover0112

    yjlover0112 New Member

    I just received mine today, and having problem with sync-ing with old Razer synapse and Synapse 3.0
    any suggestions?
  6. larssy1

    larssy1 New Member

    What's wrong?? I've been able to set it up within a few clicks. The powercable is only required if you would like the led-strips to be active 24/7. Otherwise the usb-cable is enough and the module will shutdown when your PC is shutdown.

    Synapse 3.0 is in BETA atm, and only supports the HDK, lancehead, and a select few others thus far. More are on the way, but syncing them with Synapse 2.0 devices like the blackwidow chroma v2 is not going to happen.

    You'll have to adjust them seperately.
  7. Maggots94

    Maggots94 New Member

    I've worked out that the the USB connection works for now but for extra brightness you need the powercable. Right now I've only got the USB plugged in. Everything works fine. When I go to plug in the power cable alongside the USB, a single red led flashes on each strip. Probably indicating something is wrong or faulty. Can't find any troubleshooting for the HDK either.
  8. untraceablez

    untraceablez New Member

    I already have NZXT's Hue+, but if this ever ended up as a reward for ZSilver, I'd get it in a heartbeat!

    That being said, is Razer going to try to work with any other manufacturer? The whole Chrome SDK seems pointless if the biggest thing it integrates with is a few games. I'd love to see you guys work with NZXT, MSI, or Asus on RGB SDKs that play nice with each other. Gamers could only benefit! Plus, I love all my Razer peripherals, but for example, I have a Corsair AiO and Corsair Fans, and MSI motherboard and GPUs. I'd hate to have to make my PC all one manufacturer, it feels like it would defeat the point of building, why not just a get a prefab at that point?

    But anywho, I'm rambling on, glad to see this come out, I hope the HDK doesn't mean you'll stop trying to work with other hardware partners!
  9. larssy1

    larssy1 New Member

    Hah, that explains why the LED-strip seemed so dim the entire day.. Sucks I would have to disconnect the power cable to make sure the leds turn off after i shut down my pc.

    I've plugged in the powercable too, I see no red light flashing or whatsoever. Could it be that you activated the Chroma advanced settings,, allowing you to control an idividual led?? Try restoring settings to default, using the standard wave effect.
  10. Tawtis

    Tawtis New Member

    NICE, all i have to do is get a loam
  11. RazerQuis

    RazerQuis Team Chroma Staff Member

    On the contrary, the Razer Chroma HDK is just the first step. We are still working with partners to grow the Razer Chroma ecosystem :)

    That's very odd. Where do you plug in the power cable? With the adapter, molex, or another USB port?
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 24, 2017
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  12. larssy1

    larssy1 New Member

    Another very odd thing is that when I press F5, the led-strip flashes also. Not sure if that's by design or an issue, but I'd love if that didn't happen...

    Also, how long does it take to get a post reviewed by moderation?? It's been quite a while (+- a week)
  13. Maggots94

    Maggots94 New Member

    I've tried both the adapter and USB port. Not tried a molex connection since they are mounted behind my monitor. I've contacted support and sent them a video of what's happening. They seem to think somthing is wrong with Synapse 3 but I just think it's faulty since it fails when I plug the extra power in. It works fine without the power cable.
  14. imacellist

    imacellist New Member

    Ok so I got my kit today and this thing is legit. One question though, I guess I misinterpreted or something. I thought it would sync with games, at least the games that already have chroma support like overwatch. I have just the strips on my desktop, no other chroma stuff at the moment and was hoping it would work. Do we just need to wait for developers to get on board? If so are there any games that work with this as of now?
  15. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    This is correct. Developers need to add support for new device categories as they come out (just like the Audio Visualizer app, if you've been following that thread).

    Factorio, for example, already supports the Chroma HDK.
  16. imacellist

    imacellist New Member

    Thanks for the info. I am loving this kit and can't wait to see what others do with it. Is there a list anywhere for supported games? I found supported chroma games but that is just chroma in general and not specific to the hdk.
  17. NShell

    NShell New Member

    Recently got Chroma HDK as a gift and I have a question.

    I noticed that instruction says that you have to connect it to power socket and USB, but it seems USB is enough for it to stay powered. So do I need both of them or USB is enough?
  18. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Retired

    Just saw the pictures you posted! Those are pretty sick! Can't wait to see what else you Razer Chroma geniuses come up with.
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  19. imacellist

    imacellist New Member

    You don't need to but the lights will be brighter if you do the power also. It will power fine over us though, just less light.
  20. roketrof

    roketrof New Member

    wow, this looks amazing...
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