Razer Huntsman Elite local profiles not saving to keyboard

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by flowhitEcru014, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. Itachiark

    Itachiark New Member

    I bought into razer loving it. But this kind of an issue on the Huntsman elite is just sad. I bought this shitty 200 dollar keyboard thinking it would work with my mac. I even wen over to windows on Parallels to get synapse 3 but lighting does not save. Sad.
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  2. arkiePreketes

    arkiePreketes New Member

    Having the same problem... Trying to keep this thread alive, surely if Razer have it sorted it out on some devices they can release a patch/update to fix all this.
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  3. Same issue here on normal Razer Huntsman. Very disappointing...
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  4. Darksbane86

    Darksbane86 Active Member

    I should have read this thread earlier.. i bought this keyboard for the exact same reason.. and now i can't get the color profiles saved in the on-board memory..
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  5. michaelrammy

    michaelrammy New Member

    Exactly! This is so annoying and extremely stupid. I could find a keyboard for $150 cheaper that doesn't rely on a broken program. How hard is it to save lighting to the "onboard memory"? Razer needs to fix this ASAP because this keyboard is supposedly the latest and greatest yet it lacks such a simple function.
  6. elmz87

    elmz87 New Member

    It happens for Blackwidow Elite too. Disappointing product and software.
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  7. elmz87

    elmz87 New Member

    should have bought Corsair instead
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  8. elmz87

    elmz87 New Member

    Razer team please review this feature. It is very important for us! Please allow the use of the onboard color profile even without the Synapse 3.0

    • Hybrid On-Board Memory and Cloud Storage – up to 5 profiles
    This On-Board Memory is very misleading
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  9. thecrushingsquid

    thecrushingsquid New Member

    I got a huntsman yesterday and am very disappointed that the packaging basically promoted a load of lies and that there's literally no way I can just make the thing white when I'm programming on a mac.

    I feel utterly ripped off and almost feel like going around Razer and their poor support and contacting the relevant trading standards authority for false advertising.

    I am literally so angry that if they gave me the API for it, i'd write a mac version for them, or at least something that can control the colour, because I get the feeling we've all been robbed and that's the end of it.

    Shan't be buying another Razer product, which is a shame because I fancied a laptop next year.
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  10. tartar_sauce

    tartar_sauce New Member

    Just bought this keyboard today and having same problem. Updated firmware and using Synapse3

    Dragged profile to all the onboard slots and doesn’t save the lighting nor key mapping. I remapped the default Mute button to Open Calculator and this doesn’t map when i chose the onboard profile.

    Very disappointed but I have 15 days to decide whether to keep it.
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  11. martinjwisniewski

    martinjwisniewski New Member

    Literally the same exact expectations, problem, and disappointment. Really need to keep this going. I can't believe you can't save the lighting to the local on board memory, which is really the first thing you'd expect you'd be able to do. :mad_:
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  12. tartar_sauce

    tartar_sauce New Member

    I returned my keyboard. The place where I bought from has 15 days satisfaction guarantee and I was not satisfied
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  13. bernuli

    bernuli New Member

    Same issue with my new BlackWidow Elite. I am programming keyboard with Synapse 3.3.1216.12212.

    I have a workaround of programming with a VMware VM (Win 7). After setting lighting if I disconnect keyboard from VM (BEFORE quitting Synapse), the lighting stays. That is until real machine goes to sleep or I disconnect the keyboard from the real machine. So this is a temporary work around and is not a solution.

    Will there be a fix so that lighting settings are saved to keyboard onboard memory?
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    WISHBEAR New Member

    I have this same issue. I am returning 2 keyboards today (purchased 3 days ago), before I lose my money. I will stay with the deathstalker chroma, until I decide which other company to go with (with a keyboard, mouse, and mousepad that WILL save their lighting).

    For now, I am using an older Razer keyboard, Firefly, and Lancehead, all of which are supported in Synapse 2, so I can at least not have to see Spectrum Cycle, when the Windows Lock screen kicks in.
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  15. bernuli

    bernuli New Member

    Has anyone heard from Razer about this keyboard onboard profile issue? Anyone contact support directly? Does not seem like they hanging around here.

    I am keeping my Black Widow, but am holding off on supplying the rest of office until I can get this light thing under control. The default color scheme is ok, but we like it steady.
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  16. ThRealDanMan

    ThRealDanMan New Member

    my blackwidow elite just wont sync up or anything with synapse 3. I plug it in and it turns on, but the num-lock, and the caps-lock lights wont turn on or off when synapse 3 installs. The lightning effects also don't sync over to the keyboard. any advice or is this just synapse 3 right now? Keyboard can still be used and typed on but I want to use the effects.
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  17. I've had the Blackwidow Elite for a month or so, and everything is great except one glaring fault and that is the rainbow show every time I wake my computer from sleep or turn my computer on. Come on Razer, for people like me, and as mentioned by others on this same thread, it's outright embarrassing to have this keyboard in a professional environment. Please fix this issue!!, then I could maybe recommend your products again, but until then I'm telling others to look at alternative manufactures for a great "professional" mechanical keyboard.
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    WISHBEAR New Member

    I have started replacing the Razer gear with ROG gear, which syncs with my motherboard. I will let you all know my findings.
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  19. gdpr.yeah

    gdpr.yeah New Member

    Ran into the same issue, but liked the keyboard as such and want to keep it, so I did some research whether there might be any hope. It seems some guys are working on a Linux driver for some time now. (open razer) and the discussions over there are very eye opening as to what's going on here.

    It seems Razer dumbed down the keyboard controller compared to older keyboards. The guys at open razer call it "software based lighting". The keyboard can do exactly one lighting on its own - the dreaded chroma cycle. This animation is active unless the keyboard is being driven by Synapse.

    When driven by Synapse, the keyboard essentially acts like a dumb screen. It just displays a picture (imagine each key being a pixel) which is sent to it by the PC. Synapse calculates the animation on your PC and updates the keyboard at a high enough frame rate.

    Lighting not working without Synapse was not an accident or oversight. Someone wanted it to be like this - probably to save development effort / cost. (The dumb picture mode was needed anyway for more advanced lighting setups, so why not use it for everything?)

    Its ironic though that this cost saving measure hits the people who spent $200 to buy a flagship keyboard. :)

    And yes, I agree the claims they make about the profiles being stored on the keyboard are very misleading.
    The profiles might even be technically stored on the keyboard. But the dumbed down keyboard does not have the means to do anything with them. They could only be downloaded and used by Synapse running on another computer.

    Of course all of this is just my opinion and not a fact. :)
  20. gdpr.yeah

    gdpr.yeah New Member

    And it seems my opinion might have been wrong. I downloaded some code from one of the open razer guys and hacked away to see if anything could be done (at least static color should work even with a dumb keyboard, right?) and I got lucky and managed to not only get static display to work, but was also able to trigger breathing mode without Synapse. This was a surprise and does not match with what I read before.

    But before I jump to any more conclusions I will do some more research as the matter seems to be more complicated than originally expected.
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