Razer Huntsman Elite local profiles not saving to keyboard

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by flowhitEcru014, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    That someone would be me.

    This was a conscious decision after months of deliberation and debate for several reasons :

    1. Older devices would never get updates for lighting effects. For example; BW Chroma (first gen) never got Starlight and Fire effects in Synapse 2 because the firmware didn't support it. Only when Synapse 3 was released, we could bring those effects to older devices. We want to keep bringing new Chroma features to our devices for a longer time, which is feasible when using software-driven effects. For reference, all future lighting effects and other lighting related features, will automatically be available on all Synapse 3 devices.

    2. On-board micro-controllers don't have the RAM/storage to run complex effects (on multi-layered effects) well. We didn't want to do half-and-half of effects that could be stored on device or that could be run on Synapse. Plus there's only so many effects that can be stored on the limited amount of memory available on-board.

    We decided to use that memory for implementing a macro engine, which allows you to execute macros (including even mouse movements) without Synapse.

    3. If we want to add or update any lighting effects, we'd have update the firmware for ALL the Chroma devices. This in-turn would require us to test different permutations and combinations of firmware and software versions, which isn't practical.

    4. Synapse 3 has Chroma on the forefront with location-aware effects. Those aren't possible using just firmware as it is.
  2. yrilo

    yrilo New Member

    And that is great approach. BUT, I think that would be OK to put some other lightning effects on baord, just simple one, so we can switch that default wave. Like reactive (pick background color, front color, and speed), ripple effect, and so on. And if user want to put software in front of it - no problem. Take for example CoolerMaster MK750: it has on board complex lighning effect AND software to make them. You can use software or not for controlling effect - best solution. So, PLEASE in name of all Razer users: make possible to store lighning effects (made in Chroma studio) on board so we can close Synapse and save couple of CPU/memory usage. Thanks :)
  3. gdpr.yeah

    gdpr.yeah New Member

    Thanks for not beating around the bush.

    I played around with the keyboard some more using alternate ways of driving it (no Synapse) and found out that the hardware still supports a lot of lighting effects. What is even more interesting: I had activated static color (this is what I want to use) and the keyboard seems to persist this setting. It keeps it across boot cycles. I could even unplug the keyboard and when plugged in it would go back to the static color I had set. The setting only gets lost once I start Synapse and upon closing it the keyboard gets reset to chroma cycle.

    This made me wondering: Wouldn't it be possible to have at least a very limited way to configure a fallback lighting in Synapse for when Synapse is not running? It seems the hardware is already fully capable of doing this.
    I'm thinking about people who use these keyboards outside gaming as well or in the workplace. Essentially there would only need to be two options in the software: chroma cycle or static color (with color selection obviously).

    Nonetheless, I'm outa here. I just wanted some nice static color and have figured out I can get that by simply deinstalling Synapse and hacking the keyboard to a color of my liking once and be done with it.

    And I am not happy with the level of work required to achieve such a modest goal.
  4. gdpr.yeah

    gdpr.yeah New Member

    The effects are already on the board. What I have seen with my own eyes are wave, chroma cycle, static, starlight, breathing and reactive. Not sure how many more there are.

    Its just about adding some way to configure this default/offline mode or whatever you want to call it in Synapse.
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  5. gdpr.yeah

    gdpr.yeah New Member

    Typing on this keyboard is so much fun... I just want to keep writing. :) Despite all the hassle, hats off for the great hardware you guys make.
  6. yrilo

    yrilo New Member

    Please can you share solution you found? I think everyone here will be thankful :D
  7. Saigon916

    Saigon916 New Member

    Same issue for me :slightly_sad:
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  8. So you're saying there's adequate on-board resources for just a static lighting, if even for a single color. That would be much preferred over the rainbow show. I'm certain a lot of people including myself would be more then happy with that option, and once the keyboard connects to Synapse it can switch to a more complex lighting effect.

    Even gdpr.yeah has apparently found a way set a static color that stays until Synapse is launched changes it back. That in it's self says that Synapse already has the ability to write a default effect, why not give us the ability to choose what that effect is.
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  9. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    That would be the case of older gen products designed for Synapse 2, because Synapse 2 effects were a mix of firmware and software implementation. We moved away from that for the reasons stated above. For products exclusively on Synapse 3, the only effect on-board is Spectrum Cycling... we use the saved resources (we actually added a bit more) to implement a macro execution engine on hardware, and dedicated storage space for keymaps and macros (look for "hybrid storage" on the feature list).
  10. yrilo

    yrilo New Member

    So, at the end, it doesn't metter what ALL users want but what you (company) want. Is that keyboard made for company or for users? I am confused now. Hybrid approach is much better than this new one, and all users think the same. If I can't store on-board lighning effect after paying 150+ EUR for keyboard, I have to switch to other company. Very disappointment.
  11. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    That's a false claim/assumption to begin with... Given a choice between feature updates (such as position based chroma studio, plus other stuff in the pipeline that I can't yet talk about) for a much longer duration (BW Chroma will get updates and new lighting effects well into the 5th year of its release) vs ability to use keyboard without Synapse, an overwhelming majority would choose the first option.

    The vast majority of our users are just fine using Synapse. For the ones who might want to use their device away from their primary PCs, we built an on-board macro engine, to improve actual functionality (over lighting, which is mostly for aesthetics). If it didn't have a net-positive impact on users, there would be no reason for us to make the change anyways.

    YOU might prefer the hybrid approach, which is absolutely fair enough, but we didn't have any way of addressing customer complaints we used to get in Synapse 2 days, and it's frankly illogical to handicap the lighting feature-set based on what the hardware's internal processing power.

    At the end of the day, we're not just a peripheral manufacturer. The software suite is very much an integral part of the product offering and all our products are designed with that fact in mind.
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  12. fatz99

    fatz99 New Member

    RazerThe_Fiend, i understand what you are saying, but I don't agree. the macro engine would be more useful on the primary PC as that is where all the main applications/games would be. Taking your keyboard to another PC where the macros may may not work is pointless.
  13. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I'm not quite sure if I understand what you're saying. The primary PC (which would have Synapse) allows you to use every available feature already.

    But in the past, you couldn't take your macros (and key-mappings for that matter) with you, to a PC without Synapse. With the on-board macro engine, your keyboard/mouse itself can store and run macros by itself even when Synapse isn't available (e.g. on a friend's PC or a LAN cafe), which is a new functionality available on devices which come with hybrid storage.
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  14. ZuItrix

    ZuItrix New Member

    yeah, I wish razer can make it that we can save lighting into the onboard memory/cloud storage
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  15. fatz99

    fatz99 New Member

    what I meant was, what use would the macros be without the main PC (and software) they were deigned to be used on?
  16. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The macros can still run just the same without the software, even when on a different PC (that's what the hardware macro engine does). So, you could play the same games on a different PC at a LAN cafe of a friend's house, and have the same keymap and macro setup without having to install any software.
  17. Logitech amazing ! I'm no longer buy razer products. I'm programmer and their products is not fit both for mac and wmware fusion.
  18. elmz87

    elmz87 New Member

    can we have static color at the very least for on board memory? if not there is really no point in getting. I can't install Synapse on my corporate laptop. Can Razer team solve this for us?
  19. elmz87

    elmz87 New Member

    So how do Corporate users use Blackwidow Elite. They cannot install Synapse 3 and we do not want Spectrum Cycling as the only option. Can we have static color? Is it possible?
  20. Ty_Crisos

    Ty_Crisos New Member

    My Razer Huntsman elite just came in today and I was super disappointed with how misleading their description was when talking about on-board memory. I paid $225 (including shipping) for this keyboard only to find out I can change the lightning effect when I plug it into anything else without synapse 3. I’m so bummed out as this was my only Christmas gift and I waited over almost 3 weeks just for it to come in. Had I simply known it wouldn’t store my lightning profiles on the keyboard I would have bought a different keyboard. I’d still buy a Razer but a different keyboard nonetheless. Now I can’t even return it sadly, so upset, I have to wait till my birthday just to pick a different keyboard :slightly_sad:
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