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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by VerdankG, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. EDIT apparently they are (this month...):

    Hi Adam,

    We wish to express our apologies for the wrong Razer phone update information given by the previous tech. We would like to clarify that the next update this end of August is not an Android Pie update. This will be an Android Oreo maintenance release update or a fix release to some Razer phone issues like Bluetooth issues.

    Should you have any concern, please contact us soon.
    We look forward to hearing back from you.

    All the best,

    Razer Tech Support

    FYI they're not fixing this on Oreo:

    to me

    Yes it will be directly an update to Android Pie (9).
    Razer Support <support-us@razersupport.com>

    Aug 7 (8 days ago)

    Any bugs that I should be aware of before I roll back to MR0?
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  2. I'm in the same boat mate. The phone won't automatically reconnect to my Dacia stereo, however I have been using my Bluetooth satnav flawlessly with the razer phone ( connects every time :0) ) maybe try that if you can for now. Btw I'm using a Garmin drivesmart satnav with Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    So I emailed support for an update and got a reply that said MR2 is rolling out before the end of August.

    "This issue will be fixed by the Android 8.1 MR2 update which will be available by the end of August.

    Thank you for your patience."

    Happy days if so.


    EDIT:Sorry heaven, I didn't see your edit b4 posting....Still happy days though
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  4. godashram

    godashram Member

    well, august has already ended in some parts of the world. A little over 12 hours left where I am located.
  5. xRuhRohx

    xRuhRohx Member

    They said end of August but sadly they didn't say what year :-(
  6. godashram

    godashram Member

    guess you're right, as august is now just a memory
  7. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Delays happen (that is of course if the Razer support guys were correct. I always find their answers to be wrong as they don't know that much and will say anything to get rid of you)

    I know the bluetooth issue is effecting loads of people and Razer are aware of it so I hope you guys get sorted soon.
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  8. godashram

    godashram Member

    For sure, on top of that, never trust tier 1 support...
    just frustrating as Razer has no method outside of support for contact/suggestions nor do they mention any pending updates/features consistently. Add to that support has told various people differing bits of info throughout the entire time the phone has been out.
  9. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    I'm guessing just a delay as they contacted people to correct info previously given so I don't doubt MR2 is imminent. I'd rather wait another few days to make sure its been properly QA'd to be honest

    I just spoke to support. "Early September" was their reply for an updated release date for MR2.

    Keep checking your phones over the next few days is all I can say.

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  10. Then late September, then early October, etc etc etc.......
  11. thrussy

    thrussy New Member

    It's coming, Q5
  12. godashram

    godashram Member

    Latest update seems to have fixed bluetooth. It did for me at least. Connected to my car right away at startup
  13. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    Yeah its out in some regions and seems to have fixed BT from what I've read....Nothing for 3 in the UK yet but I guess keep checking for updates.
  14. coreykill

    coreykill New Member

    can we get a larger poll of people chiming in if this fixed their BT issues? its still not working for me using a KW-V130BT. and now im not sure if its something I am doing or if maybe now the problem has shifted to my receiver. going to try the BT with a few other things that didnt work for me before.
  15. godashram

    godashram Member

    From personal experience, automotive bluetooth is the wild west of tech. what an example? I had to use the firmware for the UK version of my Alpine bluetooth module to work properly with most phones made after 2012.

    I've had my phones give issues in my friends 2018 Honda (factory system), I've seen issues on my brother's JVC in his car, etc. For me, once MR2 was installed, the second I turned on my car it connected. Only things I can suggest to try is 1: delete the association on both your head unit and phone, reboot and try again; 2: Look to see if updates are available for your headunit or 3: factory reset the phone and try again.

    Bluetooth as a standard has always had messy implementations.
  16. coreykill

    coreykill New Member

    I messed around again for a bit picking the kid up from school and couldn't get it to do anything other than sync text no audio. went into developer option and changed the bluetooth audio codec from system default to AAC and it fired right up. was so pumped. went to the store and came back out again and it wouldn't work again. changed it back to the AAC and still nothing. so there's functionality. just have to fine tune it i guess. play with it more later. its too hot out.
  17. thrussy

    thrussy New Member

    I am happy to report all is working okay on my 2016 Skoda, Anderson (stock) head unit, i.e. I am now seeing metadata displayed correctly and device re-syncs with no issues
    This may or may not help others if you're still having problems, but as godashram indicated, I did a full factory reset & removal of root (I'd only messed around with rooting to see if I could resolve this issue in the first place), plus deleted my phone from my car's bluetooth memory & re-paired from scratch (initiated from the head unit rather than the phone)
  18. Any idea when the update will be out from 3?
  19. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    Three told me that they are waiting on Google for confirmation that they can roll it out. They don't have a date yet.

    I assume that's going to be within a few days but that's a guess on my part.

    EDIT: I hit a brick wall trying to speak to Google about it. Android Help just seems to offer generic advice. I couldn't find a contact form or web chat.
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  20. Just spoken to Three. They dont have a date for the update to be rolled out! Kind of sick of this situation now. Is there any other way of getting the update to fix the bluetooth issue?

    And just had a chat to Razer online customer service, this is what they had to say 'other Regions the MR2 Oreo update was already released last September 12,2018 but for UK customers, it will be released on a later date but we don't have an ETA for it yet.'
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