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Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. emmanuelace

    emmanuelace New Member

    Nice work !
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  2. xatajam823

    xatajam823 New Member

    Like Like ,lets enjoy the that .
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  3. Jimi_Ravid

    Jimi_Ravid New Member

    Look good Razer
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  4. Sachin__R

    Sachin__R New Member

    More silver lets goooo
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  5. TVD_Hybrid

    TVD_Hybrid New Member

    I just bought a new phone.
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  6. Great Update! Can't wait to see more updates and cool features to come out!
  7. Iloveblackpink

    Iloveblackpink New Member

    i need razer silver
  8. Iloveblackpink

    Iloveblackpink New Member

    yeah that a great idea
  9. Elchadou

    Elchadou New Member

    Hi everyone!
    I have a question. I want to change mi SDD becouse i need more memory for my games, and i have the doub if gonna have problems for do that or someting like that.
  10. jef.landuyt

    jef.landuyt New Member

    haha yeahh
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  11. iNk0n

    iNk0n New Member

    Very nice job!! Amazing work guys, keep going!
    We love it!
    Razer 4 ever!
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  12. gs125

    gs125 New Member

    It's great news!
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  13. lesterhsc

    lesterhsc New Member

    Thanks for the update!
  14. skillznstyle

    skillznstyle New Member

    hi and thank you !
    this has helped me a lot, i am new here and hoping to get lots of goodies xD

    love Razer !!
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  15. danubius94

    danubius94 New Member

    I have a Razer mouse but the insider don't see it. The Razer synaps see it and I also register it to my account but insider don't see it.
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  16. Tpbash

    Tpbash New Member

    Have something similar. The Synapse picks up my sound card on my Black Shark V2, but not the headset itself. I can't get the silver points here since only the sound card was displaying. Very strange. Any way around this???

    Please advise.
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  17. Tpbash

    Tpbash New Member

    Anyone wants to weigh in? Staff, Vanguard, older members?
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  18. Danchel936

    Danchel936 New Member

    like it too
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  19. Alpha_amenazaxx3

    Alpha_amenazaxx3 New Member

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  20. CalinPrince

    CalinPrince New Member

    Hi,i have Cynosa Razer i playing everyday, i like this !! The best Razer
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