Razer ultimate new firmware?

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by RRicard00, Jan 7, 2019.

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  1. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Installed the 1.03 firmware. Testing it as we speak. I'm testing it while playing the forest. Normally i would get huge stick drift with this game. So far all good. Hopefully it stays that way. Normally the stick drift would return after a few days. Hope this will be the sollution we are all looking for. Will keep you guys updated.
  2. Flipkick661

    Flipkick661 New Member

    Just to be clear, were you experiencing stick drift (stick moving without being touched) or lag (delay between pressing the stick, and character turning/moving)? I'm interested, because it seems to me that stick drift is due to hardware and lag due to software. Just asking out of curiosity.
  3. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    For me it was the left stick that moved on it's own to the right. Plus sometimes i had input lag with my L1 button. But that was fixed with the beta (1.02). also tried the "blow fix". That helped a bit. However, i had some lag while moving with my left stick. Now all problems seem to be gone. But it's the next coming days that will be the final test. Hopefully it stays this way.
  4. RRicard00

    RRicard00 New Member

    Hate to say it, still having drift problems.. :angry:
  5. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Did you do the bootloader method, or did you update from the beta firmware ?
  6. RRicard00

    RRicard00 New Member

    It made it even worse then before. My fortnite character does 360 turns all out of nothing.

    I did the bootloader way. Back to 1.01 and then 1.03
  7. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    Ultimate firmware: http://rzr.to/MTloz
  8. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    Release notes:
    Improve the response time over Bluetooth connection
    - Implement the new pairing indicator.
    - From OFF status going into pairing mode, light indicator no longer goes into slow blinking before going into pairing mode (fast blinking).
    - From ON status in BT mode (already slow blinking), there is a very short pause before going into pairing mode (fast blinking).
  9. merto2424

    merto2424 New Member

    yes true
  10. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    v1.03 feedback

    from me playing BFv:
    it's worse than 1.02, more lag both wired and BT, turning right on right stick is 50% slower than turning left which makes using the controller on that game impossible, you just cannot aim properly.

    Aim feels the same turning in both directions. Random slow down lag for a second occasionally in wired. Overall i'd descirbe it as patchy in BT, lag is present and certainly performs worse than v1.02 for me.

    I've never experienced stick drift and still dont on my TE. However, I previously had Ultimate and drift was so bad i sent it back and gave up with that controller.

    I'd say it's worth giving this a shot if 1.02 is unplayable, otherwise dont bother!
  11. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Talked to an awesome guy from the support, this update wasnt targeted towards the stick drift, that is still worked on, they are hopeful that the next update will eliminate the stick drift or leave little of it and be eliminated on the update right after that. So i guess we still have some time to go.

    If the new Astro controller was out already, the C40, i would have send this back and got that instead, but since it wont be launched till March and since im in Europe it might be even longer, i cant do anything but wait right now. So i hope before March the next update will make this playable. I hope.
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  12. SiR-Swifty

    SiR-Swifty New Member

    Sorry i wont post the link, but contact customer support im sure they will assist you
  13. SiR-Swifty

    SiR-Swifty New Member

    I can confirm having played for around 5 hours testing both wired and wireless all the issues i previously have had disappeared. But the same thing happened when i tested v1.02 and it was a week after i installed the problems reappeared. So far it seemed to work and hopefully stays that way :)
  14. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    I played all day. Raiju ultimate 1.03. Games i tested :

    The forest : I had huge stick drift on left stick. With the 1.03 firmware, no stick drift or input lag. All seemed fine.

    Borderlands :the handsome collection

    Also before, stick drift on left stick. On 1.03 no drift, but input lag on both sticks every now and then. Really weird.

    So they are getting close upon fixing this.

    The testing was on wireless mode. Gonna test on wired today.
  15. RRicard00

    RRicard00 New Member

    After a couple of hours of playing fortnite en blackout the problems slowly went away. No drift, no input lag. atm i dont have a issues with the controller and i hope it stays like this.
  16. RRicard00

    RRicard00 New Member

    Only tested it on wired connection btw!
  17. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    i tried it on COD and Overwatch, the drift was much much smaller but its not like it changed much from the last patch and for the first day of the beta anyways i never saw much drifting anyways. Since they say they didnt fix the stick drift i dont think we should be excited about it not appearing right away
  18. A-eyE

    A-eyE New Member

    Version 1.03 doesn't feel right. How can I revert back to 1.02 beta?
  19. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    You need to boot load v1.01 then upgrade to v1.02. To boot load connect to PC via USB and hold X and up on Dpad for about 20secs. Then unplug, when you plug in again it wont register or light up on controller, this is ready to now re-install v1.01.

    I had to do this yesterday on the TE, 1.02 for me via BT is 99% perfect but on v1.03 it was awful! Cable on v1.02 is still poor.
  20. V1.03 was awful both on BT and wired lol went back to v1.02 almost immediately
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