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Synapse 3 for Mac

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. sublimefiction

    sublimefiction New Member

    I feel like there has to be a way to get their attention this is an issue which has affected us for two years. Is there a way to share a p e t i t i o n with yall without getting into trouble from the big man?
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  2. MegaLord.EXE

    MegaLord.EXE New Member

    same. I REALLY need this as I use a Razer Kraken Ultimate headset, and I mainly use a Mac, and the Kraken Ultimate is not compatible with synapse 2, so this is something I NEED
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  3. easyVividCrimson321

    easyVividCrimson321 New Member

    I have had the biggest nightmare with this over the past 7 days.
    full days on the same music production project.

    every 6-10 hours, the keyboard would just start throwing errant keystrokes in over and over "EEEEE" for example.

    Synapse was also causing my system to LOG OUT and my DAW to crash.

    This is inexcusably bad software, and now I'm using my keyboard with no lights because I had to uninstall Synapse.
    Where is Synapse 3 MAC?

    also, I will post this thread to Twitter. That should get their attention.
  4. metatron23

    metatron23 New Member

    Sorry for late reply!
    You have to unable keyboard in USB devices in Parallels, then the keyboard appears.
  5. metatron23

    metatron23 New Member

    Had same problem this morning as well.
    I connected keyboard to another computer and it seems that this did the trick - keyboard "reset" itself and started to work again. Strange indeed.
  6. arasyade

    arasyade New Member

  7. Bevoh1998

    Bevoh1998 New Member

    I have been following this issue for a long time now. I started with a couple of Death Adders, got myself and my son each a Naga Hex, got my other kid an Orochi, and I now have a Naga Trinity. So, we have been using Razer mice for a long while now. But, I guess we are done. We all use Macs and we are not changing that anytime soon. So, unless there is a Synapse 3 for Macs or some alternative, we are done. That's a shame because I like the design and hardware durability. The software have always been the weak link and now I fear the software will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I am all ears.
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  8. spunkbass

    spunkbass New Member

    after using the BlackWidow keyboard on my mac for 2 hours and being onto the support for the last 4 hours, i must say i'm glad that amazon has such great returns policy. going back to corsair.
  9. hawkinscthomas

    hawkinscthomas New Member

    I feel your pain, I did the same and all of the Razer products I have, have been a nightmare to get to work, I finally got the mamba mouse to work but it's glitchy, it'll stop mid motion so when you use it for photo and video editing, huge pain...
  10. hawkinscthomas

    hawkinscthomas New Member

    same... I've had nothing but trouble with mine. I had the mouse and Synapse 2 working fine, recently was laid off so they took the computer back so I went and bought one myself, same one, and now they don't work for anything again... have Synapse 2 installed, battery life for the mouse won't show up, and changing colors won't do anything, and it won't pick up on my mouse pad
  11. lrdntwnd

    lrdntwnd New Member

    I have a Naga and an Orbweaver that I've been using for years with my iMac and they were working fine, but today I ended up installing Catalina after a hard drive failure and now I can't even get Synapse 2 to work and Razer, it seems, has no intention to even update Synapse 2 to work with versions after Mojave, let alone releasing a Synapse 3 for Mac. So, now I'm stuck figuring out how to get back to Mojave or find replacements for my two favorite gaming devices. (I don't think I'll have any luck since the Naga is, as far as I know, the only decent MMO mouse) I was about to order a Razer headset too, but even the newest of those only work on Windows. I'd love to know how much Microsoft is paying them to make all their new products Windows only. as a developer myself, I'd even work on Synapse for them if they'd give me the code.
  12. smartOchreguide808

    smartOchreguide808 New Member

    Hallo, look at this short Information from Razer here:
  13. Ylterysh

    Ylterysh New Member

    there is actually an open source project called openrazer which currently solely focuses on LINUX but with enough support they might consider going macOS as well.
  14. lrdntwnd

    lrdntwnd New Member

    I saw that article which led me to write my post. The thing is though, my products aren’t new just my operating system. I think I can manage playing WoW with the default configuration on the devices, but it sure would be nice to change up a few keys... and I know Apple isn’t afraid of making changes to their OS’s, but Razer should be at least continuing to support Synapse 2 for Mac or if not, release an open-source version and let the community update it for them.
  15. hawkinscthomas

    hawkinscthomas New Member

    and good luck getting help. I went back and forth with Razer last year and got no resolution, and still none and a bunch of problems. Best solution is to just buy off brand, tons out there, and work with anything just fine.
  16. kennethyha

    kennethyha Active Member

    Razer really needs to improve their software (make it launch faster and use less resources, maybe use another source engline?). Their hardware is good but their software is bad.
  17. Dear Razer, I'd like to propose it in a logical way. Many non-gamers (like designers, Audio and Video Editors, etc) who are top in the field of their profession have been utilising Gaming Equipment for their quality and build.

    I myself am a DTP designer, is a former Windows user until we found Macs to be more productive. So at the time, when I transferred to Mac, I also brought with me my peripherals, liike mice, gamepads, keyboards, etc.

    At the time, even though you didn't support Mac all that well, there were some options for us to use Razer products with Macs. But now with your statement

    "The latest version of Razer Synapse 3 is only supported on the Windows platform. Synapse 2.0 for MAC will be available up to MAC OS 10.14 only. Moving forward, all new products will be supported exclusively on Synapse 3 for Windows."

    This is a suicide statement to inform us, that Mac users are no longer welcome to use Razer products.

    As a specialist, we do not budget ourselves when buying equipment for our work, unlike pure gamers, they want the best, but can't afford it most of the time, hence, big sales in cheaper products.

    When discussing sales of your higher priced items like Huntsman Elite, Blackwidow Elite, Basilisk Ultimate, Nari Ultimate, etc. Who do you think are your most influencial buyers? Gamers? I find that highly unlikely. Mac Users spend more money per device, per accessory and per service than any Windows user ever. So, when it comes to your multi-million dollar sales mark, I urge you to consider the Mac market as having just as much potential as the Windows market. Unless you plan on selling $10 mice by the millions and forget your high line.

    I'm just upset, because I've just purchased a Basilik Ultimate, Huntsman Elite, Tartarus Pro and a new Goliathus Chroma Extended, to find that Razer is pulling this stunt again.

    For Mac users, I can only suggest, install and setup your goods through Parallels and store the settings on the device, then when you apply it using your Mac, it should still work. I hope it does for me anyway.

    And this will be my final purchase from Razer. Adios amigo...it's Steelseries, Logitech and others for me. Even Corsair has updated iCue for Mac.
  18. DroLouis

    DroLouis New Member

    I bought a Nari Ultimate and only have a Macbook Pro. I don't want the haptics or lights so i can preserve the battery life. Am i just SOL?
  19. mojoprime

    mojoprime New Member

    Just got an OS alert about legacy drivers for Mac OS X and not being supported. Even with a virtual WWDC coming in a month, they usually show the next version of the OS and then as estimated release date.

    So, now the clock is ticking. I've been using Razer products for years, always on the Mac OS. Razer has supported us for a long time and now ... nothing. You guys won't even comment on the threads. It's like suddenly we're abandoned. Your hardware is great, and a lot of us aren't just gamers but developers and artists that need the accuracy and control your hardware offers. But without a software update, you'll literally lose an entire user base overnight.

    so help us. like someone else said, even releasing a "lite" version or updating the Synapse 2 drivers for Catalina and beyond would keep us going. It's a shame we have to beg for even a reduced driver, but you do have a market here. and we talk about the equipment we use. so help us. support your Mac users the way we've supported you. We're running out of time.

    This is the 198th post in this thread without a response from Razer. Come on, guys. Help us out. Even open source the driver. something. respond!
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  20. Another plus...by supporting Mac users, you also kind of automatically support Linux users too...that's 2 for the price of 1.
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