Synapse 3 for Mac

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. PixxlezYT

    PixxlezYT New Member

    Nice I like that
  2. CHOS3N1

    CHOS3N1 New Member

    For those of you who just need the Synapse 3 on Mac to tune your mouse sensitivity and acceleration, you can achieve that with a 3rd party program called Cursor Sense ( That was my issue with my Razer mouse (Basilisk X Hyperspeed) and I got it solved with that program.

    They do have a trial of 20 days so you can check it out.

    Just remember to connect it to the mac with the 2.4hz dongle. Bluetooth on that mouse sucks with Mac OS.
  3. Brawnyrobin

    Brawnyrobin New Member

    Please Razer, Ive recently retired my original Deathadder and have recently upgraded to the Deathadder Chroma V2. And now Days I only run on a Mac. To find that I cannot even use my mouse to is full potential is quite upsetting considering that we’re buying a premium product. Please have this issue fixed soon so I can continue to enjoy your product.
  4. MasterBel2

    MasterBel2 New Member

    Dear Razer,

    My Mamba Elite is starting to fail and I'm hoping to get a new one, but I'd just like to get a mouse I can actually use. Synapse hasn't worked on my computer in years now, I could have got Logitech equipment for the same price (or less!) and actually been supported!

    I don't want to switch – your products are so much nicer to use – except they aren't when there's no software support. I wish I could recommend you to other Mac users I know, but I just can't. Not anymore.

    Please, help us give you money, and build us something that we can point at and say "It actually works!" Better still, let us say "It works better than Logitech!" I still have faith that you guys could.

    At least keep us in the loop. The one thing that hurts more than lack of support is lack of transparency. It's horrible not knowing if we'll ever get support.

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  5. TheAlkibiades

    TheAlkibiades New Member

    We need a fix!
  6. DiegoVVX

    DiegoVVX New Member

    Damn, reading all of this is a shame, Razer don't care Mac Users, just read this just after bought a Viper Mini and doesn't work in my mac at all, very anoying, all the mac users dont ever bought razer again!, go to f....
  7. andresmarcelo11

    andresmarcelo11 New Member

    2 years waiting for Mac support
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  8. coolOPALAmazon725

    coolOPALAmazon725 New Member

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  9. anandpatil

    anandpatil New Member

    Just wanna chime in and say that this is a problem for me also.
  10. senft

    senft New Member

    Yes Razer...continue to lack support for Mac.. great business decision. I am genuinely curious if you have anyone with brains on your board? With the progress Mac has made in the hardware department over Windows, as well as further integration of the Mac ecosystem throughout homes and between mobile devices and Macs (M1), it is blatantly clear within the next decade we will see a major drop in Windows use as Mac becomes the primary used machine. If your board members fail to see this, and continue to neglect Mac, your entire company will be left behind by the rapid advancement of technology, all because you refuse to dedicate a few software engineers to get this working on Mac. It is absolutely pitiful.
  11. Gqbes1

    Gqbes1 New Member

  12. Gqbes1

    Gqbes1 New Member

    I got the BlackShark V2 for Christmas and it's pretty upsetting that they seem to neglect mac users. It would be nice to see some sort of confirmation that it will be in development.
  13. hanngonz

    hanngonz New Member

    Just bought a new mouse and headset only to discover that they are missing performance due to this. Really really disappointing.
  14. Guys don't buy razer if you are working on Mac or Linux. They don't support it, synapse 3 is great but its not working on Mac or Linux you can't use a Macro.. instead use a logitech i bought a logitech and it works on Windows and Mac when I switch laptop... macro is doing great kudos to Logitech!
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  15. synsityr

    synsityr New Member

    I’d be happy if the RzUpater process will just stop crashing.

    But seriously, I love my mouse but it REALLY needs updated Synapse software.
  16. RoscoAudio

    RoscoAudio New Member

    Try using Controller Mate as an alternative to Synapse.
    A steep learning curve, but the best by far. Have used it for many years.
    It can do ANYTHING.
  17. Does The Viper Mini work with synapse 2? On mac
  18. mojoprime

    mojoprime New Member

    looks like it requires Synapse 3 so no.
  19. JonesTheHulk

    JonesTheHulk New Member

    Bit of a crazy workaround as I am also a Mac user but you can try and run Windows 10 via a Virtual machine. I use Parallels Desktop and it allows access to your USB devices from the Windows 10 operating system (usually a trial version of both) which can help all the Mac users out there.

    Really simple to use and set up.
  20. tims-wong

    tims-wong New Member

    waiting here....
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