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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. MythicalSheep

    MythicalSheep New Member

    I also just got the Mamba Elite and was very excited, because it was so perfect for me when I tried it at the store. I am a Mac user, too. Very disappointed that it needs Synapse 3 and there is no Mac version...
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  2. peterpants

    peterpants New Member

    +1 to all of this thread! I'm a programmer who uses a mac and wants a cool glowy keyboard that syncs colors with my mouse and stuff. Razer, know that there are Mac users who want to buy your awesome products, but are dissuaded for lack of software support! I've set a google alert for "Razer Synapse 3 Mac," and if one day there is ever mac support I'll buy whatever the shiny new top-of-the-line razer keyboard/mouse combo is and bask in the technicolor glow.
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  3. LeoSypniewski

    LeoSypniewski New Member

    Would definitely be happy with Synapse 3 for Mac. I don’t play games on Mac but I did just pick up the Razer holiday bundle really cheap and the keyboard works fine with Synapse 2, but the mousepad and mouse don’t communicate at all, can’t even sync them up to the keyboard lighting. All I really want is to be able to customize the colors and maybe adjust the mouse DPI. I hope this comes soon with all of the expansion into home lighting, a lot of non-gamers use Mac so it would be helpful for consumers.
  4. nenad.jokic

    nenad.jokic New Member

    So disappointed... no synapse 3 for macOS... No Philips Hue integration, even though Philips Hue done their pat in the Mac app....
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  5. At least, Synapse 2 must support new devices. As a mac user, We are write codes and razer is great keyboard for us.
  6. juremakovec

    juremakovec New Member

    so what can we do, I've been asking Razer for at least half a year to make the Synapse 3 for Mac as well or at least make Synapse 2 work normally but nothing. maybe I should find a way to return all mice and keyboards and get my money back - is it my fault, that Synapse is not working? Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I did not pay premium bucks for premium products which Razer products are supposed to be so that these products sometimes work, sometimes not. The problem is, you do not know when it won't work. And if you use Razer's products for work (i.e., I use my Naga Chroma and Trinity for work, Lightroom, Photoshop editing) and sometimes I end up disconnecting mice so I can actually work ... did I pay 100€ for not being able to use my mouse? I guess not, I paid 100€ to be able to use the mouse, to make my workflow easier, faster.

    just to end with - once I could not get my mouse to work and I was just curious - is it my computer or Naga Chroma, so I got Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, installed the software, quickly set the shortcuts, different for each program I use and guess what - it just simply worked. so I am thinking about how to get the money I spent for Razer products back and simply go and buy Logitech's products. because they simply work.
  7. I agree with you, This is worse situation and i don't would like to use this products anymore. Synapse 3 not supported both by mac and wmware fusion. I paid a lot of money to keyboard.
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  8. juremakovec

    juremakovec New Member

    the problem is also that even the products which are supposed to be supported by Synapse 2 and have support for Mac (i.e., the new Razer Mamba wireless does not have the sign that it works on Mac as well! ;) ) do not work properly.

    I also had Razer Basilisk, but had so many problems that I had to sell it (luckily my sister needed a good mouse and she bought it from me otherwise I would have one mouse more that does not work properly) - and it has that sign that it works with Mac, too. well, yes, it works, right and left click and scroll, it works, but I did not buy Razer Basilisk to use it like that - for that I could buy any other 10€ worth mouse, but no, I bought it because it offers more - to programme all the buttons to specific needs, even more - to specific needs in specific apps/games/programmes. unfortunately, not on Apple computer.
  9. juremakovec

    juremakovec New Member

    wait, how did you instal Synapse 3 for Mac? where did you get it?
  10. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Can you post the link to the page you downloaded it from? On the official Razer Software Download page, I only see the Synapse 3 Beta available for Windows.
  11. juremakovec

    juremakovec New Member

    are you using Windows Bootcamp and installed the Synapse 3 Beta to the Windows portion?
  12. Cbiernacki2

    Cbiernacki2 New Member

    can we get a release date?
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  13. iDarkangels

    iDarkangels New Member

    I work on Mac and my Razer products do not work properly... I bought a last mouse it disconnects from time to time and I can not use the colors correctly. In addition to this, on the site Razer it is not indicated that it does not work on Mac !

    Guys, plz, release Synapse 3 for Mac
  14. sleekRawUmberegg434

    sleekRawUmberegg434 New Member

    Such a great feeling to come home with your goddamn 180 euros Blackwidow Elite and plug it in your Macbook Pro just to find out that you can't do anything with it, no customization at all -- and it was the main reason why I chose a Razer keyboard! Now I'm stuck with the most boring of light cycles because Portugal has shitty consumer laws and I can't return it and Razer can't even stick manual control to regular light cycles such as their trademark rainbow LSD one. This is so heartbreaking because I've always had a wonderful experience with Razer's headsets -- goddammit, I currently own two pro v2 ovals, a black one and a quartz one -- I was really starting to get into their products and this happens. Put it in goddamn huge letters in the box DOES NOT WORK WITH MACOS, is that too much to ask? Seriously, screw Razer on this, there is no excuse for duping customers into spending so much of their hard earned cash and leave them hanging. This might be my last Razer product ever after all.
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  15. Razer, wake up!
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  16. pdoublclick

    pdoublclick New Member

    Just pushing a bit more for them to release a macOS version. Also I hope they'd put legacy support for older devices in Synapse 3, I don't think it's clever to have both versions 2 and 3 running at same time, even if the support team told me "they are individual applications"... I just can't imagine the whole thing to get more stable with 2 unstable apps running instead of one.
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  17. Aylz.

    Aylz. New Member

    Yeah razer, you keep releasing all these new products that Mac users buy too, and are only available to be modified/personalised with Razer Synapse 3, but synapse 3 isn't even compatible with mac? It is what puts a lot of people off buying your new releases. I hope you do something about this.
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  18. ZanJr23

    ZanJr23 New Member

    Razer should really update synapse 3 for Mac... it's really annoying
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  19. storkinsj

    storkinsj New Member

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