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Synapse 3 for Mac

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. FictitiousFreedoom

    FictitiousFreedoom New Member

    Ill never buy another Razer Product again, They just updated synapse for mac and it made it worse for me. I didnt think it could get worse, its a simple fix, ive had a chroma mechanical keyboard for over a year and always have to unplug my keyboard after mac restart and it would sometimes work. Now i cant even configure anything at all. Pretty poopie customer support too. Thanks for the help RAZER!
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  2. TitaniumJS

    TitaniumJS New Member

    Same here, got a BlackWidow Elite from my girlfriend for my birthday for my MacBook Pro and i really love that keyboard. But no options for customization at all is pretty rough. But what's even more annoying and pretty unprofessional, that Razer doesn't show absolutly any reaction to the disappointed Mac userbase. An offical statement like "Hey, we are really sorry for all the problems, but we will never implement/we are planning to/working on/releasing soon..." would already shut down all those disappointed customers... at least for a while. But there is just silence.
  3. Tohtz

    Tohtz New Member

    Please bring Synapse 3 to Mac OS.

    I have many Razer products, I just recently switched to MAC. Really hoping to use them.
  4. JahBroOne

    JahBroOne New Member

    ok i have a razer basilisk and after the update in mac the REMOVABLE DPI CLUTCH has stopped working. What happens if you limit my products after paying them, I really want my money since in the box it says that it works with mac and razer synapse 2. I wait for an explanation
  5. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Those of you who have recently posted on here about the Synapse update for Mac making your Razer product unusable, have you submitted a bug report via Synapse?

    If not, please do so. I'll inquire about the possibility of making the previous version available so that you can roll back your Synapse for Mac version and get your peripherals working to the level that they were before the update.
  6. morfeas_nt

    morfeas_nt New Member

    razer should treat mac users better. Wont buy razer products anymore. Waited one year to make synapse 3 available for us.
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  7. zcWoW

    zcWoW New Member

    Have been a razer customer for years... just bought a $200 huntsman elite only to realize the product is crap for Mac. Seeing as no one from Razer pays any attention to customer base and concerns, I'm jumping ship. This is what happens when you treat people who spend hard earned money on your product, like doo doo.

    Still haven't heard anything on a release for MAC... am I missing something?
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  8. another week gone with no update Razer.
  9. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    Not trying for everyone to get mad at me. But you do realize that Razer is a gaming brand correct? Its motto Is "For Gamers, By gamers". I don't know about you but personally when I think of a gaming pc or a gaming laptop, I don't think of mac. Also Their razer blades use a windows operating system. If it were me and I truly wanted to upgrade my razer peripheral suite. I would not use a mac. Just saying.
  10. juremakovec

    juremakovec New Member

    I agree. but then put a "not compatible with Mac" sticker on it, not that it is supported?

    btw - on the other hand - gaming mice and keyboards are very usable in "shortcuts" department. I am using Razer Naga Trinty (the only one that kinda works) and I have all programmable buttons set for work in 4 different photo editing programmes. the only problem is - when you need it the most - it just does not work!!

    you know what works at any given time ... Logitech. so yes, after spending a lot of money, thinking, Razer will do something about it, I said - well f**k it, I have to work and found a different solution. here and there I still check up on Razer, if they did something about it and sadly every time I find out - nothing changed. unfortunately, because some of their products are unique (Razer Naga Trinity).
  11. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    I totally get it. it can be tough. Razer has a not so good support system for Mac. But you do have to remember that they are a relatively new company (new for a business). They have only been around for 25 years at most. They still have to work on customer support ALOT and they need to make some updates to their software. I personally am not okay with how much space Razer Synapse takes up. Also remember that Razer Synapse is still in Beta and we have to wait for more updates to come. I am glad they are trying though. But their market is gamers. they have a target audience. So if you have a "relatively new" business, You would try to appeal to the target audience first for it to gain the most traction available and then spread out to a larger audience. That target audience would definently be with windows OS. Every single "gaming computer" out there uses a Windows OS. Unless im completely off the bandwagon and apple just released their first gaming computer last night lol. I personally don't like apple because they are a very predatory company. They convince you into buying their "latest stuff" which other companies already have and then they just drive up the price and make it sound fancy. I don't know about you but I refuse to pay 1000 dollars for a stand to hold my Monitor. I can get the raptor 27 (when it comes out in December) which is both a monitor and a stand WITH CHROMAAAAA for like 700 dollars. and may I say that will be on my wishlist. but just remember that they are trying and you just need to give it time.:wink_:
  12. juremakovec

    juremakovec New Member

    well, if you are selling a product, you have to offer support for it. some firms are even younger and have better support, some are older and have even worse support. but that's not the point. the point is - I bought a product, which specifically says "mac compatible". does it work? ok, it does, but I did not buy a mouse with 18 programmable buttons for 100€ to be able to use just the "normal" buttons. and what bothers me is that I cannot rely on their product. one day it works like a charm, or better said, one session, then I put my computer to sleep and when I wake it up the next time, the software cloggs up the system completely. that's the problem. and sometimes I just cannot afford to lose time with restarts or even uninstalls ...

    as for Mac ... let's make long story short. stand is overpriced. yes. but do you really need it? ;) are you not able to use the monitor (which is a very good monitor, one of the best, professional grade) without that stand. ;)

    on the other hand, I had a windows based computer which was pronounced "mac killer" a few years ago (Dell XPS 14) - yes, hardware was great, and when Windows allowed me to use that hardware, it was great. but 70% of the time, I had problems - only one core working. unable to run the graphic card, unable to connect to wifi ... all Windows related problems, as suddenly after restart, most of the things would get back to normal again. but, again - sometimes, when working fast and you want to be effective, you don't have time to restart, to set things again ... and that's where Apple and their system excels. it just works.

    and that is the only way I still haven't jumped the waggon - I really like the Razer Blade computer range, both, 13 and 15 ... but - am I willing to risk all the problems Windows bring? not just yet.
  13. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    Ill be honest. I don't know what you do to your computers that could possibly make that happen, especially windows. I had a some Really old Asus that I bought back in 2010 and It only stopped working just last year. It wasn't even a windows problem. I don't know how but A virus made its way into my computer and instead of debugging, I just bought a brand new HP Envy 360x. This computer is a absolute beast. It can run most games I play at about 50 fps and that's when its not running full power. I had a Mac in the past and I just couldn't deal with it. The thing that irks me the most about mac is that I can spend a grand and a half on the new Mac book Pro with a OMG it has a fingerprint scanner!!! Mine does too and probably has twice the processing and graphics power of most macs you will find out there. Also I hate their file systems. It looks like a two year old put together a storage system and since people nowadays LOVE simplicity Mac just works perfect for them. Being an Actual programmer (not very good at all but still decent) I personally love windows. I think this is now just me ranting. I just get mad bc Razer gets so much hate on this thread. People just download a software and expect everything to work perfectly and when it doesn't (its still in beta) They get super mad and want to "jump Ship" and "never going to buy another Razer Product again". You wonder why synapse 2 is bad... that's why they have synapse 3. Wonder why that's bad for a MAC? Its still in beta. I honestly understand peoples concerns about it saying it supports mac and all but like, cut a little slack. also remember that these mouse's and keyboards are doing things most others don't. for example the Razer Huntsman elite, It had OPTO-MECHANICAL SWITCHES. Each time you even think of a key its already down onto the document onto your computer. and for the mouse's jeez their mouse's are some of the best on the market. I personally use the lancehead. It has a true 16,000 dpi 5g optical sensor. I love using my mouse at 16,000 DPI. its amazing. Its not just the programing guys, its also the hardware itself. Sorry now I'm just ranting.
  14. __Stupid__

    __Stupid__ New Member

    I just bought a Black Widow Razer Keyboard and I really want to be able to use it on Mac. Unfortunately, I didnt know it was not compatible with Mac. I think a majority of gaming companies should know that there are people who also game using Macs and that they are just as important as PCs
  15. The_Mad_Man_Mike

    The_Mad_Man_Mike New Member

    Almost one year later and I am having the exact same problem as the first post. Bought the Razer Mamba wireless mouse only to find out that I could not use it to its full capability because Synapse 3 does not support Mac. My question is when will a beta for Mac come out... 1 year difference same questions from your consumers... time to do something.
  16. Curlypaws

    Curlypaws New Member

    I did know, going into it, that there was no Razer support for my Huntsman Elite keyboard although the Basilisk mouse still has Synapse 2 support. And while Karabiner Elements can fix keyboard character issues, it is disappointing that I can't store colour themes on a Windows PC and then recall them for use on the Mac. I can appreciate that it isn't Razer's main market, but I do hope that they will add Mac support in Synapse 3.
  17. RafaelGames

    RafaelGames New Member

    pls add Mac support for my Nari :heart:
  18. FrazerHogg

    FrazerHogg New Member

    Just want to add my vote to get support for Synapse 3 for Mac as well. Bought a Razer Naga to find that the software isn't supported on Mac. I love the mouse and want to get the most out of it.
  19. plo1971

    plo1971 New Member

    same here just bought a mouse after being so happy with my Razer Tartarus playing SC:GO on steam...and now the mouse is only supported with Synapse 3......come on Razer shame on you!!!!
  20. VanHorne

    VanHorne New Member

    When is Synapse 3 for MacOS expected to be released? I would like to buy a Razer Huntsman for my iMac Pro but for reason I've not clear u don't support on Synapse 2.
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