Synapse 3's Equalizer stops functioning

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Nicholas9, Apr 24, 2020.

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    Sounds really strange, but what fixed It for me, was I stopped plugging It In...........

    What I mean Is, I have a USB port that's occupied by the receiver, but there's also another USB port occupied, by the supplied cable, to charge headset. Because of the different modes In which the Nari can be used, It just Installs It as a different device and when this happens, all forms of EQ settings, THX, volume etc etc, just stop working. You can play around with It as much as you like, but the tones, volume, EQ won't change. You then have to work out whether It Installed as a Spatial THX - Speaker or Spatial THX - Headset. It's the most arduous task trying to work around this (As we know) so you just run a repair, then It's all okay again. My problem only started when I shutdown my computer (so I thought). But the first thing I do before I shutdown, Is plug the speakers back In to charge.

    Basically, In short, I now have an Anker Power Port USB charger at the desk, which I plug the headphones Into when I want to charge them and NOT Into the computer. I never had this trouble with the Kraken Headset, but then again, the USB was only for charging and It would never recognise It as a Peripheral If you plugged It In, It was receiver only.

    I'm a massive Razer fan, having had nothing but trouble with Software conflicts and build quality for the past two years and yet I still keep buying...................Razer Synapse has nearly always been the root plague of my conflict problems and software problems. Getting It to recognise It's own devices Is the first hurdle.
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