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What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. D4WID1337

    D4WID1337 New Member

    I would like to see something like a razer monitor
  2. Gizzynxs

    Gizzynxs New Member

    I would definitely buy a Razer NZXT H440 with Chroma lightning!!!
    A 34" 4k curved monitor would also be nice...
  3. Xiopiche

    Xiopiche Member

    More products for left handed people. Keypad
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  4. diamondyab77

    diamondyab77 New Member

    I would love to see an updated and chroma ouroboros!
  5. they made the lenovo/razer wide screen with gsync
  6. I would love an M-itx case
  7. i would like an all razer setup, waiting for razer monitor, gaming char and maybe some razer accesories for custom pc or liquid cooling
  8. I want a right-hand oriented orbweaver so I can use two orbweavers at once. Solo orbweaver for gaming, dual orbweavers for full-keyboard replication.
  9. Wonginator88

    Wonginator88 Member

    Razer ps4 controller
  10. Razer cooling kit. with glowing green logo.
  11. coolers for the hard core pc's and YES A CPU SCREEN
  12. scrubzz9

    scrubzz9 New Member

    monitor and wireless mechanical keyboard
  13. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    I would love the Ouroboros mouse in a Chroma version!
  14. EggyBum69

    EggyBum69 New Member

    A deathadder with the pixart 3366 aka 3360 with no hardware acceleration and no interpolation or any other buffering just raw legless performance

    we don't need mega dpi we need a mega accurate sensor with no gimmicks

    It seems all mouse manufacturers want to follow moores law with mega high dpi
    when most folk will never use above 12k dpi

    OH and On Board Memory and a rubber only cable no Braiding
    Other companies have listened and have done this with their mice please please razer do this and i will never use another brand of mouse again :)
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  15. iamthefong

    iamthefong Active Member

    I used the new Razer Xbone controller at PAX Aus, and really wasn't impressed with it. Felt lightweight, and flimsy, and the triggers seemed to have small deadzones. Thumbsticks were really soft too, not nearly enough resistance for me. If they make a PS4 controller, I'd really want to see a step up in quality
  16. Jameshelenchan

    Jameshelenchan New Member

    i would like to say monitor pls
  17. iamthefong

    iamthefong Active Member

    as per CES;

    Lenovo Y27g RE Curved Gaming Monitor
    We’ve partnered with Razer on this one – a top-of-the-line 27” curved-panel monitor designed and optimized just for gamers. The Lenovo Y27 Gaming Monitor RE (Razer Edition) features multi-color Chroma lighting and high-end specs deliver smooth, dazzling action. And taking your game to the next level is a snap thanks to its easy upgradability.
  18. EggyBum69

    EggyBum69 New Member

    the other thing i would like is a nostrom with cherry reds and a analog thumb-stick were the dpad is

    people have been making there own ones of these from old n52te shells
    and HID Teensy boards that should tell razer there is a demand for this

    It would blow anything else out of the water
    the n52te/nostrom is already better then the G13 but
    a nostrom or orbweaver with cherry reds and a analog thumb-stick were the dpad is
    would be AMAZING

    please please PLEASE MAKE ONE ASAP :)

    OH and again please add On Board Memory
  19. TOT3m1c

    TOT3m1c New Member

    I would really like to see an updated version of the Tarantula keyboard. The original had the best feel of any keyboard I've ever used - it took a little getting used to the short travel - but after two days I could just think something and it was in the computer.

    Please - if you do a refresh, give it a normal ins/del home/end pgup/pgdown cluster, and none of those half-height keys. I think Razer should recognize by now that people will accept a larger keyboard if it performs well!

    I would order five of these the day they became available.
  20. publix

    publix New Member


    THIIIIIIIISSSS!!!!!!! Over 9000%

    3360/3366 sensor in a Razer Deathadder, not bothered with RGB, I want it to be as light as possible, with Omron switches, NO BRAIDED CABLE..

    Same scroll as ever. Rubber side grip's, man I would use that mouse forever.
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