Windows 10 1803 100% CPU issue when using Razer Synapse Surround Sound Audio Controller *FIXED*

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Lukeyboy189, May 15, 2018.

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  1. Lukeyboy189

    Lukeyboy189 New Member

    Since updating to windows 1803 I had an issue were my CPU was idling at 100% I have spend hours diagnosing the issue and eventually it turns out to be an issue when using the razer surround sound audio controller in windows sound. When using it my CPU hits 100% and my CPU temps go up and when it is disabled it goes back to my normal idling CPU usage which is around 5% and my temps are low. Is anyone else having this issue? I can confirm this issue has only started on the new windows 1803 update. I downgraded back to my previous version of windows 10 to see if the issue was happening on the previous windows build I had and the issue was not present. I updated my PC back to windows 1803 and the issue was there again. I have submitted a bug report of this issue to razer, here is a link to a reddit post where other people are experiencing the same issue -
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  2. Justice28

    Justice28 New Member

    I am having the exact same issue. Been using basic audio that sounds like trash for over a week now waiting on some sort of fix or word from Razer themselves. Like you said, when you disable Razer surround audio in sound options, the CPU goes back to normal. As long as its enabled, I am getting 100% CPU which means I cannot play any games, and barely surf the web.
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  3. EmmetArgent

    EmmetArgent New Member

    I have the same problem I don't know How am I gonna fix it
  4. I am also having this issue. Hopefully it gets fixed soon...
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  5. gspeye

    gspeye New Member

    When win 10 updated to build 1803 from 1709 it caused my game (ACES HIGH) to crash. I rolled build 1803 back to 1709 and all problems were resolved. I have a 35 day pause on any windows updates but when it ends I will end up with 1803 which is full of bugs. The AH game support told me it was a conflict between audio drivers for my Kraken USB and the new drivers in Win 10 build 1803. Is there a fix that Razor has made ?
  6. Any update on this? as i have the same problem.
  7. byteAvocadoOPAL383

    byteAvocadoOPAL383 New Member

    i have same problem 100% cpu with new windows 1803 and surround
  8. 020864

    020864 New Member

    Same problem too.
  9. klc4622

    klc4622 New Member

    I am having the same issue. I have opened a support session with Razer. When they responded they say to do the normal troubleshooting 101 steps like reinstall driver blah blah and blah. I responded back telling them I have already tried the PC 101 troubleshooting steps and it did not work. Their response? Please rate your experience with the resolution of your problem. It would be "almost" funny if I were not feeling as if I am getting the run around.
  10. sukami87

    sukami87 New Member

    Can confirm, still having issue as of 7/518. Seriously Razer, lets get this fixed.
  11. 020864

    020864 New Member

    I received the following message from support on Monday: "We searched for the problem and found it, it will be fixed in a future update."
    Hopefully the update will come soon.
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  12. Hi guys, just wanted to know if any update has been made since I still have the 100% CPU bug ?

    Hope u'll reply soon and thx for ur answer.
  13. Same problem, the moment I enable the Razer Surround Audio Controller, the cpu goes up to 100%.
  14. byteAvocadoOPAL383

    byteAvocadoOPAL383 New Member

    So today there was an update and it did not fix anything! Six months have passed since the moment of this error and nothing has been fixed! I delete the program, but it was a pity the sound was good!
  15. Justice28

    Justice28 New Member

    Same, has been broken for a while now. Has anyone heard anything from Razer? Is this something that is even on their radar? Why is it still broken.[​IMG]
  16. Emerald_dream58

    Emerald_dream58 New Member

    I had this problem too when i using Windows 10 with the update 1803. Just finished updating to version 1809 and the problem is gone. Looks like it wasn't even Razer fault.
  17. Lukeyboy189

    Lukeyboy189 New Member

    Completely forgot about this post I made LOL. I'm currently upgrading to Windows 10 version 1809 now. I will post soon to confirm the update has fixed the issue. I did speak with Razer support a while ago about this issue for a while going back and forth giving them windows logs and absolutely everything I could that they asked for. I even went to the extent of doing a fresh Windows 10 install and still had the issue. But Razer basically said they have "NO ETA" on when they would fix the issue and I has a sneaky suspicion they didn't know how to fix the issue hence why they have waited so long for Microsoft to have hopefully fixed the issue which caused the Razer surround sound audio controller to break.

    I can confirm Windows 10 update 1809 has fixed the issue finally! I recommend you guy's update :thumbsup:
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  18. guideCoolGrey097

    guideCoolGrey097 New Member

    That's funny, LukeyBoy189 said that 1809 fixed the issue, for me 1809 brought the issue the first time :D. Any new news?
  19. klc4622

    klc4622 New Member

    Hey Luckeboy189, what version of Windows are you running? I am running Windows 10 Pro and still on 1803. I guess I have not been selected yet for the new rollout for 1809. Hopefully that will resolve this pain in the ass issue that has made me HATE Razer! I had a open case and they just decided to close it without even letting me know.
  20. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Windows 10 1809 was suspend for some time becose there was file deleteting issue when you update. Cheack if you have this update in windows update section.
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