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Basilisk ultimate chroma dock problem

  • 22 September 2020
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I have the basilisk ultimate chroma and when i charge it with the dock station it wants about 6 hours ( 0-100 ) when i charge it with cable it wants 3 hours to fully charge .Whats happening ?

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12 Replies

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I assume your usb port can give less voltage to port to charge mouse and lightning in the same time. I can be wrong but i dont think if you have usb hub with powerbrick or you have power usb port i can recommend you connect to hub and cheack when pc is siconnect or use usb poower port (most of the time have little thunder icon) and try charge it via this port.
Yes i know that but yesterday it was charging good ( 0- 100 in 3 and a half hours )
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Hmm in this case you can cheack the pc the best will conect it to diffrent device and see if the same thing will happend when the appear again. Step by step you can eliminate pc, cable, dock, mouse. You will have 100% saure what is the issue then.
i did that but the problem continued .I thing it's dock's problem but i concern because that's not happening all the time
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When you connect the cable direct to mouse and charge it via it this issue dont appear ? Also can you tell what device you use and what usb devices you use ?
No it charges correctly .I have a basilisk ultimate chroma with the dock station. Then i have keyboard headphones and the razer mousepad
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Can you cheack the charge when you disconnect everything other then dock ? I want to eliminate power consaption or device conflict.
i already did that but the problem is still active
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last thing you can cheack if you can to put another mouse on dock that have the charging contact point also you can update the mouse firmware . Uf you dont have open new rma for mouse becose assume you have combo mouse + dock.

It's been update too .I will contact with razer for the issue my mouse is still on warranty
Thank you very much for time .I appreciate that
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No need to thanks the best solution will be send it to warranty becose no of the solutions help you and there is nothing you can do more on your own ;/