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DeathAdder V2 Pro mode switch middle position (off) functionality

  • 9 April 2023
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Hi! I'm not sure if this is a problem in the classical sense (i.e. a bug), but for me it is in some ways.

I don't understand what is the function of the middle (off) position of the mode switch on the bottom of the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro is, but maybe that's just because it doesn't work well for me. In this position, the wireless mode is supposed to be turned off, so it only works with a cable. This would make sense if it doesn't work in the other two positions, but it also works when the cable is connected. The reason I'm sure it's wired in this case is because I use the receiver with the additional dock, plug the cable into that (and the other end into the computer), and then transfer the cable from the dock to the mouse, so the receiver is not available in this case.

It could be that it is not charging in this [off] position, so I can use it with the cable without charging it unnecessarily. But not so, if the cable is in, the mouse is charging in all three positions of the switch.

This simply means that the middle position is redundant, but this could not have been the manufacturer's intention. But then what is the purpose? If it turns out, then so does the fact that the device is faulty.

Thanks in advance.

3 Replies

Is it a really hard question, or just the customer support doesn’t operate as intended?


I have got the same issue with a brand new device of the same model.

The power off state activates seemingly randomly and stops working every time after charging with the cable.

When I travel and the mouse bounces into my backpack it wastes battery because every movement activates it in the luggage which is rather unpleasant.

I wrote to Razer support and the recommendations were just hilarious. I don't think I need firmware update, software update or cleaning the new device (not to mention I am a device cleaning / protecting freak).

It is just a strange power-off-mode behavior that is NOT described in the device documentation nor the support pages.

So… still struggling to find after being charged and having the cable removed in what sequence of the switch and plugging/unplugging the cable + some timing, the mouse actually powers off.

Extremely annoying… :(

I have the same problem. In the middle (“off”) position, the mouse is still active and losing battery -- likewise very annoying when traveling with the mouse in my backpack. The mouse light turns on and the battery loses charge over time.

Moreover, if the USB dongle is in my laptop, the mouse is fully usable on my laptop despite it being in the “off” mode (it can wake my laptop, etc.). Latest drivers and firmware installed.