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Mouse recommendation for slow games

  • 20 January 2020
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I play a lot of very slow, mental games (poker, EVE Online, chess, and similar) - however I see that a lot of Razer mice are designed for fast-paced shooters and strategy games. I'm in the market for a new mouse + mouse pad but have no clue what I should pick. I'd like something on the more durable and ergonomic side, and the Razer website seems to be way more marketing-focused than actually giving me the details of each of the mice. I also have a preference for wireless mice, though wired ones are not a deal-breaker. Any help is appreciated!

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3 Replies

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If comfortable is on the 1st place I'd choose some Basilisk. Now there are few models including wireless ones.
Also you should consider DeathAdder - which also have comfortable shape, and the most universal one (but it's not wireless, for wireless version check Mamba Wireless - almost identical shape as DeathAdder).
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If you're looking for simple and straight up, you can't go wrong with the Atheris. It's compact, wireless and has great battery life. Throw in the Goliathus Mobile Stealth Edition and you'll have a sleek, clean setup. This combo is in my bag at all times and I use an Atheris at home because it sits well with my furniture.

If you want something bigger, with Chroma, definitely the Basilisk Ultimate. It's my daily driver here at work, I love it. Wireless is top tier and in a pinch if you forget to monitor the charge, you can easily attach the cord from the charging dock to your mouse.
+1 to what Dekades said. I use the Atheris at my office which can fit into my pocket when I need to move around for meetings and the Basilisk ultimate at home. And sometimes when my Basilisk Ultimate doesn’t get charged, I use the Basilisk X Hyperspeed, which is also great hardware for its price!