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[TotW] You Mouse Choose Wisely

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You can only have one on your mouse.

Chroma or Wireless. Which one do you keep and why?

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Since we're talking about mouse. I'd honestly go with Chroma. I'm using a wireless mamba for a couple years now but have almost always just used it with the wire as I didn't like how the battery in it was always below 50% even after a fairly short gaming session. I suffer from the idea that if it's below 50% it might die on me soon so better only play a bit longer then put it on the dock. But i'd more so rather just keep playing.
Plus it's nice having a mouse that is lit up sitting next to a keyboard that is lit up both of which are sitting on top of an extended goliathus which is also lit up. And then nommo chroma speakers behind that as well....and a base station....can't sacrifice the chroma element on peripherals at this point. (though I would for my headset as it's not on desk unless not being used).
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Wireless for sure!!!! The Chroma is merely for self-satisfaction. I really hate the wire attached to the mouse that not convenience all the time
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I like wireless!!!

Before I had and gaming mouse, I always choose wireless options. It is so important that the convenience to students espectally we carry the laptop all the around.

Even for desktop, the wire will stock a bunch of dust from the time use. Dealing with less cable management is also an additional incentive to choose so.

For now, I finally had some decent wireless gaming mouse for Razer, Viper Ultimate, and Deathadder V2 Pro!
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Chroma is so obsessed in my eye. But only the Razer Chroma would do such magic. I tried Logitech G502 it not event close when compared with Chroma, nor usage experience.
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I would say Chroma, yeah sometimes the wires can be annoying, but idk, wireless mouse just feels weird for me in ways I can't explain, it's just awkward, probably cause I am more used to the wired ones.
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ive tried chroma, its time to try wireless
I don't understand why anyone would want to go wireless? I'm sorry but anyone that believes firmly there is not a smidgen more input lag from a wireless option, is fooling themselves. And unless you're on a console or controlling a TV, why would you want wireless? Like do you sit a meter away from your PC when gaming? And people talking about cables in the way, how are you playing?!?! You're not supposed to be gaming from behind your monitor as that's the only way cables can be in your way, unless we're referring to cable management at the back, but then it's just being lazy to not tidy it up with cable zips etc.

I've been gaming now for many many years (probably more than most members on here here have been alive for) and have tried all options. Wireless runs out of batteries or you have to charge them. And then for some reason they cost more than a wired one?

It just doesn't make sense. So for me... Chroma all the way! Besides the cables today are braided unlike the flimsy plastic ones from back in the day... now those were a pain. So no reason to go wireless unless you're trying to impress - in my opinion.

A few vanguard Nods, Nice / Great achievements, and a few squad rewards away from my DeathAdder V2! (not PRO).

zSivler for the win!
Imagine, imagine not wanting RGB on any and everything, wireless just a social construct anyways
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Chroma obviously.My gaming room aint very light so RGB has for years now more utility than just aesthetics.
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Razer Deathadder Elite Chroma.
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Hello friends,

I keep Razer Chroma so pretty. ^ _ ^

Because I avoid pollution of the planet as much as possible with electric batteries.

The wired product is cheaper, easier to manufacture and less prone to breakdowns.
It is also more efficient for professional players.

In conclusion with Razer Chroma, we can have pink and rainbow flashing, it's essential, isn't it? lol
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Wireless duh...
Chroma may look cool and all, but wireless means next-level comfort and usability
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Badge +1
Wireless, because I always cover the Chroma lighting with my hand (maybe except Viper Mini :))... so there's no other option for me :P
And also because it's more "powerfull" and mobile for me to have it without wires (especially on a messy desk).
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Totally WIRELESS ! Because I don't like messy wires on my desk and I'm quite lazy to do the cable management 😂
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I think those who have a lot of chroma devices understand the need of going wireless. Damn that cable mess.
Chroma is "Nice" and all but give me the wireless!! Function over looks for me, even tho my setup DOES look "Great" with the matching chroma xD i'd miss it but not as much as the lack of wires.
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wired save the need to charge the battery
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Wireless has more input lag than a wired mouse. And that small amount of latency can really harm you in fast-paced games like FPS or battle royale-type games. Quick sidebar, I've noticed that the non-gaming branded mice from companies that make both perform slower than the gaming ones. Why isn't the hardware the same? I guess the general public doesn't need really fast input times for their excel sheets or whatever. But I digress.

Environmentally wise, the batteries from the wireless option can pile up. Cost-effective-wise, if you really wanted to get a charger for that wireless mouse, it's more you have to spend upfront. Plus it's another wire to manage in your setup anyways.

Plus, admit it. RGB makes you and your games faster and better. And it just looks cooler.

TL;DR, chroma all the way.
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Why are we fighting about this one? Why not get a Deathadder V2 Pro (using this monster! It's big enough for a palm grip. Chroma and can be used either wired or wireless), Viper Ultimate or Basilisk Ultimate?

Does mouse have chroma, wire and wireless options. ALL OPTIONS ARE CHECKED, LOL!

But to be honest, I still would go to "wireless". Let's be honest, chroma is more of a design. You can still use a mouse even without it. Being wireless has more perks, less cable management and portability.
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Chroma, because I have never had a wireless peripheral 😂
Don't want to bother charging another device, and the speed flex cable is great. I can place some of it on my desk so it allows me to move my mouse freely, whereas the very hard cable of my old mouse (Deathadder 2013) wouldn't keep any slack on the desk - it would just fall down the edge.


Plus it's nice having a mouse that is lit up sitting next to a keyboard that is lit up both of which are sitting on top of an extended goliathus which is also lit up. And then nommo chroma speakers behind that as well....and a base station....

Not all lights are Chroma :smile_: I just wanted orange lights on my mouse to match my Blackwidow Ultimate BF4 and orange salt lamp, so Chroma was the only option currently afaik. I never really liked the BF4 mouse anyway.
Definitely shiny things, keep the radios with their batteries and invisible magic, wires work way more often if reliability is a factor.
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The wireless vs wired debate only has 1 conclusion. Either you can charge a mouse or you cant be bothered to do it.
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I'd prefer chroma and wireless at the same time, its doable right? I know it is.
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I'd go for the chroma.

But I don't have to choose besause I've got a Basilisk Ultimate with the Charging Dock.
2 in 1.✌️
For PC peripherals, I would go for chroma rather than wireless because the distance between those devices and the PC can't be too far. Close distance with some nice visual effect might have a better mood to work or play.